Monday, August 18, 2008


So today my mom posted a blog about potato chips. Then, she asked me why I haven't updated in awhile, and I thought.. hum my life can't be so boring that I can't beat a potato chip entry. :) So, I figured, "hey. I might as well write about good ol' GC 2008!" And so this is me, writing about Girls Camp. And posting pictures. Cuz really, who wants to read about things when they can just look at the pics? Not me, thats for sure. :)

This was during Skit Night... I was supposed to be a nice version of a Stake Leader. I played the part pretty well. :) This nice gangster pinching my very firm glute is Sarah Blazzard. :)

This was our camp band, Slightly Sacreligious. I am on the end... and totally was the brain who came up with the idea for a camp band to serenade the girls during the first day of camp

Britni, Me, and Sarah one night..

This was us rafting the Payette River. I talked in a southern accent the whole trip, and our guide totally believed me, Janie, from Southern Alabama :)

Just me and some of my friends before we hit the river!

Again, some friends.. and that guy in the back was James, our river guide. We all thought he was, oh, maybe 26? Yeah, when we found out he was 33 we were all a little creeped out...

Me, playing the role of Bad A stake leader

Dang it feels good to be a junior leader. :) The "Hard Hat Women" of 2008

Us assembling for Slightly Sacreligious' final performance. :)
Overall, camp was a fun experience. It was fun to have both of my sisters there with me for my final year of going to Girls' Camp, and wow. I felt so old! I just kept remembering how when I was a first year, only 12 years old, and I would see all the junior leaders, and just stare at them in awe. "Wow they are SENIORS! They are almost 18!" Are the only thoughts that would run through my mind during that first year when I would be graced with a Junior Leader's presence. :) And what can I say? Now, I totally understand what it is like to have awesomeness radiate from every pore in your body as a JL. :) But yes, overall, camp was a good experience, but I am glad to be moving on to another chapter of my life where we don't sing about what makes hippos smile and be awakened to Stake Leaders banging pots and pans together. :)