Friday, April 13, 2012

one small step for man...

and one major leap for the blog.
it's been real, blog, but we're moving on over to wordpress. 

check us out!
update your feeds!
& have yourself a merry little weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012

friday, friday!

alright, now everybody together let out a big sigh of relief that the week is over and that the weekend is here. i am currently relishing in the happiness of knowing that i'm done with this crazy spanish project i had to present today... 15 minutes in front of the class rambling off with my partner who is a spanish major about picaresque novels and intertextuality.
..... you know that eleanor roosevelt lady who said that nobody can make you inferior without your consent? clearly she never took spanish 441 with a band of natives, spanish missionary training center teachers (who wear their badges to class...) and spanish majors in their senior year! 
anyways, HAPPY WEEKEND and i just thought i'd leave you with this vid i found via
it's wonderful! usually easter tends to just sneak up on me or i just am too hung over with mini eggs to really appreciate it, so i was glad i took the time to refresh and refocus today. watch it! count it as church attendance! (but don't really. go to church)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

faves list right now

i'm a "two birds, one stone kind of girl".
flossing while driving
sweating on the elliptical and trying to read homework assignments
blogging in the middle of class.... (heh)

yesterday's combo was the stairstepper + catching up on podcasts. this podcast. in the midst of the podcast, there was a challenge. what are your five favorite things right now? challeng accepted! here's the list. maybe it will be a monthly tradition, maybe a one time thing. most of the things, naturally, will probably have something to do with food.

1. instagram for android. i'd say my excitement could be expressed by this tweet:
my addiction to social media is becoming somewhat worrisome.

2. this combination:

every meal this week has somewhat revolved around tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil. not such a bad thing, i might add

3. these shoes i'm coveting in the best way. so impractical! so expensive! spring want.
4. this stint i pulled on my cousins on april fool's day. they look innocent enough, right? peanut butter or cotton balls? only one way to find out >:)

5. this WEATHER. boy it's warm and sunshine-y and i'm becoming aware just how white my skin is. own it! 

off to do more "studying" xo.

Monday, April 2, 2012

bad day gone good and other pictures

today i found out i actually have no one lined up to buy my contract for spring and summer.
i am definitely up a creek and NEEDING someone to buy my apartment. are YOU interested?
streeeeeeeeeeeess. in the words of joy the baker, "mondays are hard!"
anyways, i made friends come over and we ate pizza and things got better. 
this pizza stone thing makes all the difference. i am in love! 

these other pictures are from when my family was here the other week and we went to check out the new city creek mall and celebrate my cute cousin's birthday. looking through them makes the day a little bit better, too!

overexposed. and i like it that way :)

mid caramel apple

and just like that monday is almost over.
thank goodness. ps i still need someone to buy my contract...

Friday, March 30, 2012

a little friday afternoon check in for thee

oh hey there.
if you were at my apartment right now you could find me sandwiched down in between my couch and coffee table, laying on my stomach on the floor. . you see, i've kind of developed a "lay on the floor" obsession as of late.

so it's the last day of march. the month flew, no? my family came to visit last weekend. i took near no pictures... and the ones i did try to take were mostly of my brother's hand as he tried to get out of the frame. boo! what did we do in the five days they were here? we ate! we partied! we drove to salt lake and got a flat tire in the process and checked out the new city creek mall. everyone owned a pair of pastel jeans. i wouldn't mind someone buying me a pair. (teal please!) i carted my entire family to mountain west burrito and decided a party of about 20 is too many for that place BUT it was still so delicious and i can't recommend the roasted veggie tacos more. i did a lot of homework while everyone watched dumb tv shows that were strangely intriguing. (my strange obsession, anyone? i didn't even know infantism was a thing! google it.) it was a fun time!

as far as other things. hmmmmmmm
eat this cauliflower. seriously! then roast some sweet potatoes. i might be obsessed.
general conference is this weekend and i'm going. and i have tickets this time, so no standing out on a street corner begging for tix.
my birthday loot consisted of a new blender, a pizza stone, sweet kitchen measuring gadgets, and a cookie scoop. 20 going on 51! hi ya. 
two more weeks of school. i am so happy, as this semester is meh.
i need a vacation. today i want to go to canada. that place just really intrigues me. today my co-worker told me that she just bought tickets to the calgary stampede, which is evidently a big deal in the rodeo world. yeehaw!
weekend! let's get it. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

forage restaurant.

prepare yourself for a very comprehensive and long winded post about food.  it's what i do best, no?
a couple months ago my friend told me about this amazing restaurant in slc. it was owned by two chefs who prepare a different menu every night full of things they forage themselves, cook up with class, and serve in the most uncanny of ways. being intrigued, i decided then and there that no matter the cost, i was going for my 21st. food binge! it is just how i celebrate. luckily for me, i've got a pal who is also a foodie deep in her heart. she agreed to fork over the cash and experience with me. thank you, britni! i've forever indebted!

our reservation was for 7:30. when i called and made it, i told the guy i was a vegetarian, and asked if that would be a problem... he assured me that since i'd called so far in advance, quote, "the chefs would be able to personally prepare vegetarian courses for me". but he told me not worry- only two of the courses even had any meat in them. scoooooooore.

forage is located in a little blue remodeled house on a forgotten street in salt lake. we passed it almost twice before spotting a tiny sign on the door and a driveway.... where tons of nice cars were parked. we were super out of our element, i will tell you what. upon entering, the fancy of the place was intoxicating! we were seated by posh waiters who asked us if we wanted our water distilled or sparkling... to which i stammered and responded distilled, remembering my times in spain of always asking for "aqua sin gas, por favor!". that is as fancy as i get.
and then the courses came.
appetizer 1. malt crackers with new onion mousse. when it came out i thought the waiter was bringing us a center piece.. nope, those sticks were edible! and delicious, i might add.

appetizer 2. dulcinea. the waiter brought us two of these tater tot looking things (ha) on a silver platter and told us to each take one and then advised us to "eat it in one bite due to the liquid center". you got it, man! i could have eaten about five more of these. the flavor... oh the flavor! after trying to wrap my head about the deliciousness i was experiencing the waiter gave away the secrets. dulcinea is a croquette with 18 month aged sheep cheese in the center. man oh man. it was NOT this good in spain.
appetizer 3. soft scrambled egg with maple syrup and sherry cream. the egg was still in the shell! it was beautiful. and tasty. it was served with a mini spoon i wanted to take home.
appetizer 4. dried milk skin topped with herbs. i didn't ask, i just ate it... then the deliciousness wouldn't let me keep my mouth closed and i had to ask a million questions. turns out milk skin is the skin on boiled milk... or something. i don't know, but i loved it.
appetizer 5. house made bread with butter and sea salt. we buttered every bite and topped it all with sea salt. new favorite thing! also, the bread was kept warm but hot rocks in the bottom of the bowl. genius?
main 1. springs first shoots and leaves with chilled butter and house made cheese. again, awesome. eating weeds has never been so cool!
main 2. carrots in spruce sauce and yogurt.... to tell you the truth i can't remember the fancy name of this dish, but the flavor. i die. it was so concentrated and perfect... like the small portions were only natural. if they would have been any bigger it would have been overpowering, but it was just perfect. did i say perfect enough? perfect!
main 3. young radishes on cabbage with chilled lemon butter. again... these radishes were bonkers. i don't eat radishes, but i was doing my best to be nimble the whole time, even while eating the stems... which britni said probably weren't supposed to be eaten. so much for being fancy... i think while i ate this britni was eating halibut. she said it tasted like the sea.
main 4. baked potato soup with nasturtium and green pea tendrils. WHOA. incredible dish right here. there were pickled green pea tendrils in there i could have eaten for days. that soup was relished. britni ate elk... which she said was delicious and bloody.
dessert 1. and then the sweet stuff came! crushed rhubarb  and sorrel with herbs. so that white stuff is NOT bread or cake, like i thought it was. when it entered my mouth the flavor and texture was so unexpected... it was foam! the waiter said it was marjoram tea. yum yum
dessert 2. lavender ice cream with a ribbon of chocolate ganache with milk skin, milky foam, and dried milk. that ice cream and ganache were the game makers. do you see all those lavender flowers i ate? good stuff right there.
dessert 3. the night ended with a chocolate ganache and caramel... it came out with the bill to lessen the blow a little bit i think. i hardly remember the ganache because it was overpowered by me wondering how i had just spent 10 dollars on water, but ya know, it was pure and we sipped it with our pinkies in the air, so it's all good... and that caramel... oh that caramel. buttery and sweet and savored. the perfect way to end  a meal.
and that's it, folks! three hours later we were pleasantly satiated and feeling good. my forage experience was definitely a good one- not something i plan on doing again in the near future, but definitely memorable. i love the social aspect of the meal- the progressive eating and the anticipation of what was to come really heightened the experience. huge flavor in small portions left my palate always guessing. the combination of flavors and textures challenged my taste buds... does that make sense?  rather than scarfing down the meal, it was such a nice change to actually celebrate food as something that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the stomach. anyways,  if you're up for a cool experience with tiny spoons and quirky, earthy, rad dishes, i say head on over to see what forage is all about.

next stop, french laundry! (one day, one day :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21st birthday: the greatest hits via pics

whew! it's over. 
21 is here... and can i say i milked birthday week for all it was worth? i see a lot of salads in the near future.
we started out with buntinis from nothing bundt cakes last friday
 they were just so gooooood
 special delivery all the way from diana all the way down in az!
 the closest i came to any beers...
 sunday called for lemon bundt cake.
 and THE DAY called for much feasting aka mormon food binge all day! malawi's
 this could easily be my optimal last meal
 post lunch trip to the fortune teller. zoltair is a smart guy
 fortunes! evidentially i've got lots of friends in the armed forces?
 best birthday lunch courtesy of these gals.
 we killed time at blickenstaff's and we found angelina's babies!
 and tried on all the hats. pharaoh suits me well?
 or old man. you choose!
 tuesday night britni and i went pinky's up at forage in slc. most of our food came from this greenhouse in the back! i'll post on that later.
 the "did i really just drop a months worth of grocery money on dinner?" face
 and i came to the realization that yes. yes i did.
 but it was awesome.
 and i found this on my bed! 
 risque, no? 
 i got the best cards from the best friends! 
and just like that the day was done. it was so good! my friends and my family are great. i'm excited for what 21 has to offer. let's do this!