about me

welcome. i'm alyssa
well, you've stumbled upon my territory. stay awhile? this blog is simply about life.... and it also tends to be just about as unpredictable as life, actually. it goes wherever the wild wind blows. (rhyme) there is no agenda, no format, no rhyme or reason. just my thoughts on life, a little about food, a lot about my friends and family.
come, stay awhile.

the facts:

i'm an idahoan. i love my state! my dream tattoo would be either idaho down my side or "made in idaho" stamped on the bottom of my foot. not really.... but really, boise is truly is one of america's best kept secrets. and i don't mind keeping it that way.

i go to byu. public health major! spanish minor! hi-ya.

i've got me a gem of a job in one of the best pediatrics clinics in the land. fact.

food and cooking is great. onions, garlic, and olive oil play key roles in my life.

i am more or less obsessed with spain. okay, more than less.

i have very large pupils. that's about the extend of my uniqueness. when i go to the eye doctor i don't have to get them dilated.

i like to write and i would love for you to read. say hi, don't be a stranger.
xo alyssa

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