Wednesday, August 31, 2011

today was great

i went running this morning.
i had leftover couscous and broccoli for lunch.
i found a front row parking spot in the y lot (and that is like winning the powerball, lemmetellyouwhat)
i was miraculously on time for chemistry!
all in the makings of a great day.

and then the girl sitting across from me during study time pulled out a tuna sandwich.
it's smelly particles are still hanging in the air.

all good things must come to an end.
(i just am really hoping i can keep my OWN lunch down.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tuesday things.

i rode my bike to school today in a skirt. i'm sorry if i unintentionally flashed anybody. (dismounting is tricky)

school started. have you ever been thrown into a deep pool while wearing ankle weights, then been told to tread water for a couple minutes with your hands above your head? i haven't either. however, i would imagine that would kind of stink, and  i have a feeling my struggles this semester might come in at a close second. the more time i spend in "introduction to bio organic chemistry", the more i kick myself for not going to spain this semester like was the original plan.

i just want to cook. i want to  chop fresh basil and smash garlic and drink out of my lone mason jar. ...and i killed my basil plant. (i bought another. it's bigger)

we have a swamp cooler in my apartment and so my showering towel never dries completely. and my mom says that my foods will probably start going soft. however, it's fun to stand under when its on full blast... kind of reminds me of the rainforest room at the zoo.

i went to art history today only to find out that i bought the wrong one. now i get to buy another and pray that i can sell the one i don't even need. anybody in the market for a comprehensive overview of art history? (or a stepping stool? or a weight? or a weapon?) ((how about just trading it for a shoulder i can cry on?)) however, i did rejoice upon finding out my old access code for chemistry works for my new chem class. (tricky! and lessens the blow from my art history realization!)

i am going to denver in four days.... and that is all the motivation i need to get through this week of crazy!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

i like to talk about things i like

and this is definitely one of those things.

last night as a final summer hoorah, britni and i went to salt lake to say what's up to our ute friend, hailey.

of course upon arrival, our first order of business was finding some dinner. hailey suggested zupas. i suggested we go somewhere new. i'd heard about this place called blue lemon downtown, so we checked the site to make sure it was veg friendly and drooled over the menu.
seriously, everything sounded good. AND it only uses local ingredients/is environmentally friendly/blah blah all that jazz. we were totally in because we're all about being the aforementioned hoity toity things.

it had the typical utah set up of a restaurant. walk in, choose something off the huge menu displayed overhead, order, and sit, kind of like cafe rio, zupas, jason's deli, chipotle, diegos. i really like this style for one great reason: you get delish food and don't have to leave a tip. it's wonderful for the customer, probably not so wonderful for the waitstaff.
 we started off with the hummus platter. we were feeling fancy and ordered an appetizer! be crazy! school starts monday!
 then the food came out. i ordered the "blue lemon portabella burger" which is just the turkey burger with a portabella mushroom in place of the animal. well, obviously from the pic below you can see they forgot to mention adding a choice other animal product. and i bit right into it in my haste to get that delicious looking sandwich in me. i chewed, chewed, chewwwwed.... and then had my brain register that i was eating bacon. prompty found the nearest napkin to spit that out. britni informed me she'd been dreaming of bacon for the last two nights, so i dissected it out of my meal and handed it over.
we're a good team.
nevertheless, the rest of the burger was scruptious. if you've never eaten a portabella like this, i suggest it. i mean, just look at that cheese! tempting!
the best part of the meal came out last. sugar cookies! we didn't order them, a girl just brought them to us and apologized for our food coming out so slowly. i guess 5 minutes is just not quick enough in fast paced salt lake time. man. these cookies were wonderful, though.
i think i can speak for all of us when i say we really enjoyed the meal.
 blue lemon. make a mental note of it. locations in downtown slc and highland. tell them i sent you. (or take me with you?)
may a wonderful sunday ensue.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


like i mentioned previously, i spent lots of time in my car.
and scoring deals at the mall on jeans. (okay they are jeggings) judge not.
and kissing my dreams of buying an SLR goodbye and deciding to be a responsible person and pay my college tuition.

thursday we went to slc for the twilight concert series and got our rave on. kind of.
ghostland observatory was pretty neat. they pumped smoke into the air that smelled like maple syrup, then shot lasers across the sky.
it was pretty great.

on friday britni and i went to the sound of music at sundance, after only a minor mishap where i thought i'd lost our tickets in the abyss that is my car. they were found. prayer works. i've got the attention span of a six year old and the lower back pains of a sixty year old, so we left at halftime. i mean intermission.
i stink at theatre. but i will just tell you... those hills were alive.

saturday i worked, which is super uncommon but necessary because of that college tuition deal.
then i ran on the provo river trail in the 94 degree heat, but thankfully i didn't die.
i ate at jason's deli and became obsessed. seriously, get there.
i slept on britni's floor and dreamed of spain.

sunday was my final hoorah in the 227 ward, and they said farewell to the best relief society room coordinator they'd ever seen.
every single week i mess up on leading the hymns on the computer. either i can't scroll, i turn it on at the wrong time, or only the piano part plays. i'm a spazz and get ever spazzier when i know about 30 sets of eyes are staring at me fumbling around with a mouse with no mousepad! none! it's been traumatic and sweat inducing, but great. and those ladies are gonna miss seeing those beads of sweat roll down my temples as they are yelling out orders on how to work that newfangled device, i know it.
it was family dinner week, too. we ate at a park and i probably downed an entire costco container of grapes. i just can't help myself!

and now it's almost monday and school is starting in seven days, and saying "seven days" just reminds me of the ring, and how in seven days you die,  which i kind of feel like might happen to me. the clock is just a ticking. don't get me wrong, i do love school as much as the next zoobie, but i like my summer life. it's when "i do what i want" is the motto reigning supreme, i do what feels good, and i have next to zero serious cares.
byu is getting ready to pull that rug out from under me.... eeeeeeek! on my horizons are: organic chemistry. spanish phonetics. world religions. art history. cooking.
hopefully i don't get chewed up and spit right back out.
but hey! as of tuesday i will again be able to put my clothes in a closet.
for this weekend of fun, the last week of summer, and that last fact, i am indeed thankful.


i just stumbled across these and think they definitely need some sharing.
new motto.
secret crush on all three guys.
3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.....

= a trip of a lifetime.

move, eat, learn

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


when i was small i used to play "poor".
while other little girls ran around wearing cinderella dresses and playing barbies,  all i really wanted to do was to pretend i was homeless, that i ate grass, and mostly that i had no parents and lived outside. (and that my name was felicia, but that's probably another story)
it's all the truth. we've got the home videos to prove it.

.... this week all those things became a reality. (besides the grass eating... for the most part)
this is a funny time in my life, mostly because of the amount of times i've packed up everything i own and moved it 2-3 blocks away from my previous location.

welcome to the beautiful life of a byu student who is never satisfied with her living conditions! don't worry though, i am not the only one.
welcome to this phenomenon that occurs every year around this time for about 3-5 days where roughly 1/3 of provo's population is between housing contracts and bumming off their more established friends' couches and living out of their cars.
welcome to life until tuesday.
today is day 2/6 that i am living in the corolla. for clarification's sake, i am using the term "living" pretty loosely, seeing as i have this saint of a grandmother who lets me sleep at her house and eat food out of her refrigerator. when i say "living" i simply mean that everything i own is chillin in my car, and i don't see the point of taking it all out just so that i can put it back in in four days.
time consuming. mind consuming. physically arduous.
it's basically the last way i want to spend my last week of summer.

however, living out my car has had some perks, for instance:
i now have full disposal to my entire wardrobe at all times... costume change during my lunch break? don't mind if i do....
the fact that i lost my phone charger and only have a car charger doesn't even matter, since i couldn't use the regular one anyways
i can appreciate the good gas mileage my car gets when it's lighter and fitter... cuz having your whole life in your back seat doesn't exactly help to keep the gauge at full...
i am learning what's really important in life... you know, outfit wise. for instance, are those black flats buried in the deepest confines of that tote REALLY worth the digging/unpacking/repacking? maybe. the skinny black leather belt? never.
there is always a mirror nearby for doing your makeup, and the natural lighting rocks.
plus, you know how sometimes you see some poor fool in some unfortunate circumstance and you just think about how glad you are not to be that guy? it's nice to finally be the cause of that life altering moment for somebody, somewhere.

now if you'll excuse me i've got to go scrounge around in one of my garbage bags for something appropriate to wear to work tomorrow. and my razor. this transient needs a shower.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

who turned out the lights?

you see, we move out tomorrow, but our power was turned off today at 12. poo!
too bad our roommate who is in charge of the power jet off to panama today (something about building a canal....)so we can't even yell at her.
anyways, it has made for some bad news to us procrastinators who were planning on packing up all night long...
tonight emily got out her headlamp and we tried to make heads or tails of our kitchen supplies.
it worked... kind of. too bad it was like a sauna in there... and maybe thats a little dangerous with knives? maybe?
finally we gave up and went with the next best thing... sleeping at grandma's.
man i love having family close.
and man do i love electricity.
guess we'll be packing by the light of the sunrise tomorrow bright and early.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

tuesday things.

facts of the week this far:
my best friend is a complete bad a.
this picture needs to be blown up put on my ceiling. i may or may not have to do just that.
but really. i am so awestruck by her level of cool... and guess what? her main parachute failed, too! i haven't exactly talked to her about it yet... so your guess is as good as mine. diana- comment and give us the story!
the best decisions of my week right there. exhibit a is sautéed zucchini with lentil balls, doused with marinara and a sprinkle of fresh parm. the recipes are simple and i will give them to you.
the first one is via pinterest, the goddess of internet searching. she's married to google. i just decided. the 2nd one is via mama pea... the queen of vegan cooking. seriously, follow her, she is hilarious.
the second one is hardly a recipe, more just inspiration from heaven above. cut a peach in half, sprinkle a little cinnamon and brown sugar in each hole, broil the halves for 5ish minutes, then eat it with greek yogurt. I DIE.
this is real life.
they make hearses still... maybe i am the only one who didn't know this, but it's true. i swear it looked brand spankin new, straight off the lot, and plate-less! impressive.
and just a gem of wisdom for me remember at a later date. note to self: if the guy on the bike next to you at cycling boisterously tells you to "just slap him if he gets too loud for you during class" do just that. really. for any man over 45 who yells out the words along to "like a G6" and "hold it against me" during a class like that, well, it's probably in his best interest as well as everyone else's.

and i'm moving out tomorrow! i'm going to miss my mates.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

mid august already?

alright school starts in two weeks. weird? yes.
every single day at work people ask me the date, and when i tell them, about 50% say some variation of "oh my goodness where has this summer gone" and i smile and comply and say some variation of "yes, it's really crazy" or "man it's just a-flyin" an average of 12 times an hour. maybe tomorrow i'll keep track. you'd think that being aware of how "fast time is going" would have the reverse effect of slowing it down or something... but anyways, i digress! weekend happenings! 

first off, thursday isn't exactly weekend material, but when your friday/saturday/sunday goings on don't account to much, you've got to scrounge up something. and thursday totally counts because it is like weekend's eve.

thursday is a great day in the summer because it means there are free concerts in salt lake. like legit free concerts! like bright eyes. it was great, the music was fun, the marijuana smoke was a little overwhelming, and the people watching was as good as ever. 
here are a few key players in thursday's games
a. your run of the mill high school couple. i thought this kid was gonna rub a hole right through his gf's shift
b. your average beer drinking f-word-every-other-word frat bro
c. the token ginger. wearing a polo. (mostly for kelsey)
d. the 65 year old in denial. woodstock was about 40 years ago, buddy.
e. your average drunk groupie chick
f. and us. 
thanks for a good time, connor.

wondering who they are? i gathered this from their myspace bio. (yep, myspace) 
Ghostland Observatory is not a band, but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls
something tells me they've got a following worthy of a couple paparrazi pics. stay tuned for that!
anyways, as for the rest of the weekend, well, it can be summed up pretty easily.

saturday: i failed at getting back to my pastoral roots. you see i had this great idea that i could go pick my own vegetables at u-pick farms, this farm in orem where you are quite literally picking your own vegetbales, right when i was done with my workout. however, note to self that farms mean mud, which means don't wear your brand new running shoes out there. you WILL step in and immediately regret the decision.
needless to say, i left with no vegetables and a whole lot of angst.
don't worry though, it was easily remedied by a trip to see "the help" and it was great. better than the book, in my opinion.  the movie just rocked that character development... and made me want to buy some crisco. it's just one of those "what would minny jackson do?" moments.

sunday: a day that starts out with pancakes and a bike ride to church (risque, i know) can't be anything but good. i spent the rest of today cooking myself food and getting creative with leftovers, seeing as i move out in three days. i'm going to miss this apartment. it's the best ever. i mean, where else am i going to live where i sleep on a mattress on a floor and my walls are blue and green? it's one of a kind, i will tell you that. it's great being a provo vagabond.

Friday, August 12, 2011

excitement coursing through my veins.

the deed has been done.
the flights have been booked.
we really have no idea what we're doing.
brit and i are going to denver over labor day weekend.
i've never been to CO and i think it's high time i get a little taste of this place.
priceline negotiator, i love you.
flights straight outta provo to denver, i want to kiss the person who created you.
my sheer denial of school starting and a prolonged summer weekend? i'll take it.
let the countdown begin.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a neutral day

the good news:
i forgot that i'd already paid last month's rent with my initial deposit, so the phone call from the management company notifying me that i needed to come pick up my check was like christmas morning.

the bad news:
somehow our electric bill ended up being 174.23 for july. what. the. heck.
the good news:
i am more or less obsessed with lunabars. yes, the "nutritional bar for women!" i am so ashamed of my habit. but they are delicious. eating a chocolate dipped coconut one will turn your day around. i know from experience.

the bad news:
see "good news"
the good news:
i had a wedding epiphany today. i went to a reception for a friend of a friend and maaaaaaan i just want to press fast forward to my own wedding, rewind back to this reception, and then press play.  it was stylish and simple. you know the wedding is good when you can't find a single thing to make fun of in the engagement pictures.

the bad news:

i am gonna need a whole lot of mason jars. and key lime pie cheesecake. and some poor fool crazy enough to marry me.
the good news:
i am hardcore working full time until school starts. and making mental lists of all the items i want to buy on my mental back to school shopping list.
like these. drool.

the bad news:
dr. cornish doesn't have any openings for well child checks until september 23rd, so don't even think about calling and trying to weasel your three children in to get their kindergarten immunizations today. (because they're triplets, obviously)
the good news:
i finally got my fall schedule all ironed out!

the bad news:
look at the size of this book why don't you. it weighs 9.6 pounds. i checked. the bad news isn't so much that i have to take art history as that i fear that i might have to cart this thing up to campus. (or is that good news? i can imagine some pretty good skull crushers or bicep curls in between classes might come from that beaut)
my life is neutral.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


well, it was too short, i will tell you what.
school is quick approaching and i am trying to slow

i haven't been in provo for a weekend in, oh, about a month, so i was worried i might forget how it's done down here.
it was like riding a bike. you never forget!
friday was spent at midnight in paris with my work pal. oh, what a movie. if you haven't seen it yet, i highly suggest it. when you understand all the artsy references you'll feel like a million bucks. (in real life did owen wilson really know who dalí was? scott fitzgerald? gertrude stein? just a question...)

saturday britni and i went to diego's for lunch.
people of provo, you should probably get there now. seriously, drop whatever you're doing, get in your car, and stuff a burrito in your face. (ps. they really only gave me three chips.)
 i am drooling right now. 3.50 for a ginormous burrito? it was love at first bite. last bite, too. diego, whoever you are, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
this little number on the window made this place all the more endearing. friends, i know what you're getting for your birthdays, christmases, hanukkahs, and weddings. i may or may not have to splurge on the 20 x 30 variety if it turns out good enough...
next brit and i laid in the park. just laid there and soaked up the summer, trying to strategically place our legs in the sun and faces in the shade.
hi this is me trying to catch up on some long lost journaling.
we laughed. we scammed on the frisbee-ers. we listened to the entire mumford&sons album.
days like this are the best part of summer. don't you agree?
the cherry on top of a perfect saturday? then emily and i water colored.
still lifes of fruits and veggies. i miss the days when watercolors were top priority on the school supplies list....
sunday came and went at the speed of light!
i went to church
i cooked about 50 pancakes for break-the-fast (breakfast for break-the-fast. how funny) and i came to a revelation that they are rockin' if you sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them as they cook.
i gorged myself at family dinner. (and fell in love with macaroons)
later we had an intense game of nerts. best card game ever! what a way to end the weekend.

and now it's back to work and the daily grind. this week.... well i have a feeling there will be a lot of tortillas to be eaten since it's that time of the year in housing contract season where you've got to start getting creative with the ingredients in your fridge to maximize it all or something. not a problem, though. tacos have been a major theme for summer '11.
 just look at this spread we ate last wednesday for cooking with friends day! mouth watering.
 i decided you can put anything in a taco and it is good.
even tofu. yep, i said it. that the combination of premarinated tofu+ broccoli slaw+couscous in or out of a corn tortilla is heavenly. i am guilty of eating it three days in a row this week, and i highly suggest you try it out... or call me up and i will share my leftovers.

happy monday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

so maybe i just missed the train on that one.

alright i am going to reveal unto you all how uncool i really am. 
how out of the loop i tend to be.
narrow minded.
i've never watched "shark week". and i never plan on it.
a summary of my feelings. edited for young audiences. 

i really don't get it. at all... aren't there specials on animals all the time on DC? when is "wallaby week"? how "meerkat month"? why don't people tweet and blow up facebook when weekend long marathons of man vs. wild are on? maybe i don't get "shark week" because i didn't grow up with five hundred channels, nor did i hear the "discovery channel" song til i was, what, maybe in 7th grade? who am i.

all i do know is now that little factoid about me is out and it feels good. and now i can go about living my life in peace.  

and go eat lunch at diego's.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

dear future husband

working around children has forced me to compose a list of certain children's names that will not be making the cut when i call them mine.

without further ado i give you the worst best names of children at utah valley pediatrics.

charlie brown
kobe bryant
jack black
silver brown
easton west
edison bell
harley wilde
matilda peace, lucy love, and penelope sweetheart (possibly all love children)
any variation of:
maddox, madyx, matix, mattis
crue, crew, krew, crews, cruise
cash, cache, caxche (so i made that one up.)
jackson, jaxon, jaxson

and my newest addition as of today?
colby jack blue.
 yep, thats a real thing. either his parents love cheese.... or they don't know a thing about it.

it just makes me grateful every day i've got a normal name free of excess "y"s and "x"s.

hope everyone's week is going swell!