Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

I could get used to this "christmas break" thing.
I've banished all school thoughts from my brain (besides thinking about thinking about starting the passport process), and I've got no complaints besides a new piece of plastic adorning my mouth.
WW43- don't swallow your retainer.
A 1 1/2 inch piece of metal hidden behind my teeth has now been replaced with a much larger, much more uncomfortable, much more un-stylish retainer.
. I woke up several times last night thinking I was suffocating/choking/dying because there was something extremely large and foreign in my mouth. I didn't enjoy it one bit.
Sighhhh at least it's zebra.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is what we call the recipe for the perfect Sunday night at the Ball household.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

I've got nothing interesting to write about. And today, that's the way I like it.
WW42- Soak.
By that, I mean take it in- after such a busy last 4 months, it feels sooooo good to just relax. This week I've been filling my days with family, shopping, cooking, movies, driving a car to the gym (SUCH an underrated commodity), and seeing my estranged friends. It's delightful to be back in the City Of Trees, let me tell you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wisdom Wednesday

WW41- sell yourself to PDBio for 7 hours straight.
Ohhhh boy finals week has been quite the interesting experience. So far things have gone pretty well, and I didn't have too much trouble finding motivation to study for my tests
... that is until PDBio came to town. I am not exactly a fan of that class. And the final was going to count for 35% of my grade.
Sounds delightful, eh?
Seeing as I had limited time left this week to take the test, I dragged myself to the library today, studied for a good 5 hours, cramming tidbits of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, transcription, meiosis, and evolution into limited spaces in my brain. Following my study session, I hightailed it to the testing center, where I took it for 2 hours, and squeaked out with a 78... just good enough for me to maintain a B!
Victory is sweet. The end is near! Only one more test, 2 more nights in my freezing dorm room, and a many hours of packing and cleaning separate me from HOME!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

it's days like this

that I am extremely thankful for my obnoxious zebra umbrella.
snow. rain. snow. rain.
that's been the forecast of the last week, and I see no light at the end of this wet tunnel.
last night, however, I was able to escape the rain and head over to see the lights of Temple Square with Steven.
There were oodles and oodles of people there, on account of it being Saturday + double digit weather + Jazz/ Lakers game + Christmas shopping at the Gateway
However, it was all worth it!
I'd never been to here at Christmas, and I loved it. The lights were gorgeous, and these pictures just speak for themselves.
... and this weekend was just too fun. Now for finals... :/ eek

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Right now I am sitting in a very clean room within a very clean apartment.
Why so clean? We've got cleaning check in t minus 31 minutes, that is why.
It is so nice to have this place clean for once and smell like Pinesol and not microwaved hamburger meat. Trust me.
Not only did I have the pleasure of cleaning our apartment today, but I also had the opportunity to go to work and do my favorite thing ever- clean concession stands. (not.)
WW40- Don't wear your warmest, newest boots to work when you get to clean concession stands. There WILL be a huge spill of Sprite syrup, and you WILL get it all over yourself.
Yeah, don't really need to expound on that much... besides maybe telling you the fact that I scrubbed gummy Sprite off the floor for a good hour and a half to no avail today. It was such a treat!
... are boots washing machine safe..?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


is the name of the Western Family cold medicine I've been hydrating myself with the last two days.
Like in the famous words of Corey Crellin, "You know you're a college student when Western Family becomes your family"
I miss breathing out of my nose/ I've probably forgotten how. I'll be breathing like Darth Vader forever, I fear.
I've said it once and I'll say it again
... can I come home now?
I'm wearing my obnoxiously orange BSU shirt- that is my homage to my hometown.
Finals are next week. I am feeling so... apathetic towards all these tests.. is that wrong? Today I was pleasantly surprised with a "Finals Survival Kit" from BYU/funded by my mother. I am going to use the mug I got right now. That's right, I am going to rip right into the plastic wrap, not wash it, and make myself a large hot choc. Blissful.
On a different note, however, I am kind of liking the snow we've accumulated here in Utah County. It makes everything prettier, and I get a weird sense of happiness when I get to kick my feet through it.
However, if it hinders my ability to get back to the 208, I will not be too happy.
10 days. 240 hours. 14000 minutes. I can do this

Friday, December 4, 2009

one question

can I come home yet?
My throat hurts, and I just want to lay on my sleeping couch and watch Oprah.
I want to drink hot chocolate. But I can't this week, seeing as there are traces of HFCS in it.
But, on the bright side, I come home in 14 days, and I made zucchini bread tonight.
Sometimes that is all you need.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

a little quick entry, I've got to get to sleep!
WW39- No High Fructose Corn Syrup
yeah i know, you have no idea what I am talking about.. let me explain
I'm in this class called Current Social Problems, and right now we're talking about obesity. Because corn subsidies are so ginormous, a lot of it is produced, and the cheap, fattening, awful for you corn syrup derived from it shows up in just about every processed food out there. It's great living in America, isn't it? You can get fat without even really trying!
Anyways, our teacher challenged us this week to eat no HFCS. And if we do, we get extra credit.
Bring it on.
So, I've successfully completed 2 days. What have I been eating? Granola, fruit, and lentils.
Haha- really, it isn't as bad as it sounds.
... I am turning into my mother