Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holy Cow

So, it's 2:55 AM and I am just winding down... crazy week it has been, and amid a hectic life with work, school, choir performances, (yeah, already!) sleeping basically none, and eating, I decided to throw one more little thing in there for this week:
the USU Ambassador Scholarship.
Okay, so I didn't think it would be very time consuming, and hey, if I win, it's a full ride to USU. Little did I know it would keep me up until 1, 2, 3 AM consecutive nights in a row, however, writing resumes and scrapbooking visual descriptions of my life! But good news...

Well, almost.
I still have to go track down one of my teachers tomorrow to pick up a teacher recommendation that wasn't done, but then, oh once it is in the mail, I will be sitting pretty. Why? There is nothing more I can do! I have applied to every scholarship USU and BYU have to offer! Woooooh! Now all I have to do is wait.... and wait... and wait... and check my e-mail. Ha- we shall see, and I shall keep ya'll updated on that.

And onto the next order of business... (I hope no one minds my reckless stream of consiousness writing on this blog. It seems writing at the wee hours of morning is becoming a theme for me, but hey, at least it is getting done. )

Choir. So, on Thursday we had our first performance; "Youth In Harmony", they called it. And before I get any further, let me just say that if I NEVER have to listen to/ sing Barbershop music again, well, IT WILL BE TOO SOON.

Why? Well, basically because all we did Thursday was sing 3 songs (yep, JUST three) from 10 AM to 8 PM. Okay, so we had lunch break and dinner break, but seriously?! 8 hours of bases, tenors, baritones, and leads is just too much for me- especially when you're standing on the top row of 9 rows of risers, your knees keep locking, it's hot, and for some odd reason.... you... keep... swaying... backwards... and almost fall off the backside of them a few times. Oh gosh. What an adventure THAT was.

Now, I don't want to sound ALL "complainy", so I will make a conssion and say that we did get some sweet free t-shirts, and I am a sucker for a free t-shirt.

And lastly, if any of you have forgotten what I look like, here is a picture of me....

Wait, what is that you say? Something looks a bit different? You can't put your finger on it though, huh? Well, let me just say it's big and gleaming... and now STRAIGHT! Yep, I'm finally on my last tray of invisalign! Yay! Straight teeth are only about 2 weeks away...

And free bird-ness is only 73 days away.
Yep, June 1st is approaching nice and FAST! (or at least I am pretending it is)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome To The White House, Mr. President

The Inauguration yesterday was so prolific. It was so neat to me to see 2 million people all together to witness this historic event, and I was so jealous of them all... it made me really miss Close Up in Washington DC last spring, and just made me want to go back and stand out on the mall once more. I was so excited to see Mr. Bush jump on that helicopter and fly off back to Texas, and to know that there is a new sheriff in town. I enjoyed hearing the words of President Obama, and thought his speech was powerful. I also enjoyed the benediction, and hope the "yellow will be mellow, and the white do what's right" :) This whole situation is just reminding me of FDR's New Deal, and I am really excited to see what New New Deal we've got in store for us, becauseI'm pretty optimistic about the next four years.

Particles, GET OUTTA MY AIR & Other Topics

I am so sick of this nasty inversion. It is really disgusting, and for once I just want to see the SUNSHINE and feel the WARMTH. January is the worst month of the year. I hear it supposed to rain a little, though, so thank goodness, maybe it'll wash away a little... and I won't feel so dirty breathing outside!

But onto more light topics! Like... college! Wooh! The latest news really is that I was accepted to BYU-I (big surprise, let me tell you ;) ) and tonight I completed the swamp also known as FAFSA. Let me tell you... how sweet it is to get that off the plate. So really, now all I am waiting for is FEB 1, also known as application & scholarship deadline. After that, I should be making my decision of where to spend the next four years of my life. ...deep breath...

Senior year is going ____ (insert word here). I have stumbled upon a great deal of senioritis since Christmas Break, and today is a milestone- 80 days and I am a free bird! However, as much as I groaned to think I still have a whole semester left, it's kinda fun. I got out of Psychology (hallelujah- it was not my favorite) and am now in CHOIR. Yes, CHOIR. Did you hear that? CHOIR! Hahahaha when I told a lot of kids I was joining, they just laughed at me, seeing as usually I am the first to criticize the "choir kids". But I have one word in my defense and reasoning and it is "DISNEYLAND". This one word is the reason that there are 75 students in 4th period choir. Yep, this year the Acappella Choir is going to Disneyland, and I imagine sing, too. April 1-5 baby! I am really excited. Who can pass up a good time with Mickey and ride through (and hopefully not get stuck in) It's A Small World? It's pretty magnetic!

If you've been reading my mom's blog, (which probably you have because you're probably my mom cuz she's the only one who reads this :) ) you'll see that she has a nice new addition to her background. The Race To Robie Creek Countdown! Now, let me tell you, I am a paper chain and countdown enthusiast, and really there is nothing better than pulling off a few links to your very own "Days of School Left" chain (yep, I do have one... call me a kindergartener) but to tell you the truth, seeing my mom's counter makes me wanna puke. I am so not ready to run this thing... and I will blame it on my IT Band. My right knee hurt a little after XC season, and I don't think falling down the mountain, aka skiing, helped it either. Anyways, now it hurts to run, walk fast, go down stairs, ect, and I so right now my "training" consists solely of the elyptical. Not my favorite. But alas, I just pray that soon I will feel better and be able to tackle the dreadmill, for there is nothing better than running 45 minutes at 5 AM on that bad boy. (Note the sarcasm, please) Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's REVOLUTION (not Resolution)

I will do one thing this year, because in the past I make a nice list of things I think would be good to do, but right after writing them, I usually forget. This year, I made a pact with myself. I can slim down the list of goals to one, but I HAVE to do it. Really. So, without further adieu, here is my resolution.. it's pretty revolutionary....
I, Alyssa Kristine Ball, will finish PERSONAL PROGRESS.
Well, no turning back now.
Leaders! Practice your signatures
Bishop! Order my necklace!
Mom! Start finding a musical number for my Recognition

(Not really, though. I refuse to have one of those HEY LOOK AT ME I ROCK! Award Ceremonies... I can put my own necklace, thank you very much)
and LOOK OUT Medallion, here I come! :)
... and a mere 90 days til I kiss high school goodbye

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Now I can rest easy.
After 3 times taking the ACT, I finally broke the 28.

How good it feels. :)

... and 92 days of school-io & I am DONE.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008

It is so strange how the hours, days, weeks seem to pass. It seems that just yesterday it was the last day of 1999, and I was sporting my Old Navy Millenium shirt and painting my entire hands with glitter nail polish, while partying at the Millingtons... how hard it was to make it all the way to midnight without any naps, and now, here I am nine years later at almost 4 in the morning, on the verge of being 18, and wondering where the days went. Sometimes it felt like life would never change. Sometimes I never wanted it to. However, like I have been told, the only thing that doesn't change IS change. I think people enjoy New Years because it is pseudochange- something they know WILL change. It is constant and reliable, which defeats the definition of "change", but I digress. 2008 was a year of much change, some of it being this good and reliable kind, and some of it turning life on a dime, making my head spin faster than necessary.
So, in honor of 2008, here are the top 8 things that impacted my life LAST year.

1. Girls State- Oh, I will never forget the lessons I learned here at geeky politics camp

2. Close Up- Washington DC let me get away from Boise, meet kids from around the US, and express my feelings while visiting the amazing capital.

3. Sara Shields- her passing affected me & my views on life and the unity of a team.

4. Barak Obama's election- Whether you agree with him or not, his historic election will not soon be forgotten.

5. AP Biology Testing- I studied for 25 hours one weeked for this test, and earned myself a 4 on the test. This just really showed me that hard (very hard) work can pay off greatly.

6. My family- They are the one constant I have in my life & when things are not working out, they are there and ready to listen

7. Senior Year- it's been interesting, and not something I will soon forget.. and it's only half over!

8. College Prep. It's really weird getting ready for the next chapter of my life, but I am ready.