Friday, September 26, 2008

An Update!

Okay folks, whoever reads this... I really have no idea who you are, but if you get on here every once in awhile, you might wonder where the likes of Alyssa Kristine have gone.... and well, in the land of school, cross country, working, volunteering, and trying to sleep somewhere in between, blogging is RARELY in the cards :)
So where to pick up? We will start with
Senior year has started out great, and in the past month I have developed some very good answers to 2 questions various adults pose to me...
1. "How is senior year?" To which I reply, 148 days (as of Sept 26) left til I graduate! (but who is counting? haha I have plotted in my agenda a countdown til May 22.... the day that has a shining beacon of light descending upon it)
2. "What are your plans for next year?" Oh. My. Heck. Let's just say I get this question at least 2 times per day, and while usually I want to tell people I am planning on running away to the circus, I usually rattle off the colleges I am applying to: BYU, BYU-I, BYU-Hawaii, Utah State, University of Utah, and University of Montana. This response is so robotic I think I can get it out in like 5 seconds, so usually people tell me to repeat it. Ha, wow.
Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy talking about the future, various plans, and, hey, turning 18 in 6 months :)
Anyways, senior year at Timberline is excellent! My schedule is as follows-
AP Literature- we analyze poetry.... I dislike it.
Seminary- Seminary co-president. Wooh!
AP Spanish- En el dia de bloque, yo creo en espanol por todo el dia... pero sin embargo, me lo encanta :)
Psychology- easy class- we watch movies allll the time
AP Statistics- I can type numbers into a graphing calculator at the speed of light!
Government- oh, it is like kindergarten, really. Obama 2008!
So, my year is going to be semi difficult... I just couldn't bring myself to fill my schedule with ceramics, study halls, and off campuses when I was choosing classes last year, but oh, some days I wish I had them!
On to the next topic....
This is without a doubt the funnest high school sport. I love it! I get along with my whole team, which is mostly comprised of sophomore boys who talk about hyperbolas and gravity laws during long runs, but nevertheless, we have tons of fun! We have a race every week, and I've been competing at the varsity level... but don't let that fool you... I think our team has maybe 15 girls altogether, so Varsity is pretty easy to get onto! Our meets are all in the country, and so this is awesome, to be able to run through the fresh air, feel the sweat run into your eyes and burn, :) and everything else that adds up to be XC! Next week Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls are traveling to Bend, OR to compete... I will have to try to write more frequently and post pictures about that!
The most hilarious picture you will ever see of me running. It is SICK!

Next up is HOMECOMING!
Homecoming was really fun this year! I went with Matt Loveland, and for this, I think pictures will explain what happened a lot better than words... haha

This is how I got asked.... a snowman in my front yard!

This is how I replied... by smearing peanut butter alllll over Matt's car.. it was supposed to say, "It'd be nuts to go to Homecoming", but my letters all melted in the sun!! :O)

The girls in my group
The entire group
Me and Matt
However, this isn't even the funnest part about homecoming! The funnest part is the HOMECOMING GAME! This year we even won, which is quite the accomplishment for THS. Oh, and let's just say it was probably because of all the spirit coming from these girls....
Okay, okay well actually this was us after we lost our Powderpuff Game...
We try not to dwell on it. And whenever a junior speaks about the defeat, well...
let's just say that they learn better. :)
Really this is the homecoming game!
Yes, as a matter of fact that is a tramp stamp on our mannikin's butt!


But anyways, it was really fun! And I think that is enough for one post :)