Friday, April 13, 2012

one small step for man...

and one major leap for the blog.
it's been real, blog, but we're moving on over to wordpress. 

check us out!
update your feeds!
& have yourself a merry little weekend.

Friday, April 6, 2012

friday, friday!

alright, now everybody together let out a big sigh of relief that the week is over and that the weekend is here. i am currently relishing in the happiness of knowing that i'm done with this crazy spanish project i had to present today... 15 minutes in front of the class rambling off with my partner who is a spanish major about picaresque novels and intertextuality.
..... you know that eleanor roosevelt lady who said that nobody can make you inferior without your consent? clearly she never took spanish 441 with a band of natives, spanish missionary training center teachers (who wear their badges to class...) and spanish majors in their senior year! 
anyways, HAPPY WEEKEND and i just thought i'd leave you with this vid i found via
it's wonderful! usually easter tends to just sneak up on me or i just am too hung over with mini eggs to really appreciate it, so i was glad i took the time to refresh and refocus today. watch it! count it as church attendance! (but don't really. go to church)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

faves list right now

i'm a "two birds, one stone kind of girl".
flossing while driving
sweating on the elliptical and trying to read homework assignments
blogging in the middle of class.... (heh)

yesterday's combo was the stairstepper + catching up on podcasts. this podcast. in the midst of the podcast, there was a challenge. what are your five favorite things right now? challeng accepted! here's the list. maybe it will be a monthly tradition, maybe a one time thing. most of the things, naturally, will probably have something to do with food.

1. instagram for android. i'd say my excitement could be expressed by this tweet:
my addiction to social media is becoming somewhat worrisome.

2. this combination:

every meal this week has somewhat revolved around tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil. not such a bad thing, i might add

3. these shoes i'm coveting in the best way. so impractical! so expensive! spring want.
4. this stint i pulled on my cousins on april fool's day. they look innocent enough, right? peanut butter or cotton balls? only one way to find out >:)

5. this WEATHER. boy it's warm and sunshine-y and i'm becoming aware just how white my skin is. own it! 

off to do more "studying" xo.

Monday, April 2, 2012

bad day gone good and other pictures

today i found out i actually have no one lined up to buy my contract for spring and summer.
i am definitely up a creek and NEEDING someone to buy my apartment. are YOU interested?
streeeeeeeeeeeess. in the words of joy the baker, "mondays are hard!"
anyways, i made friends come over and we ate pizza and things got better. 
this pizza stone thing makes all the difference. i am in love! 

these other pictures are from when my family was here the other week and we went to check out the new city creek mall and celebrate my cute cousin's birthday. looking through them makes the day a little bit better, too!

overexposed. and i like it that way :)

mid caramel apple

and just like that monday is almost over.
thank goodness. ps i still need someone to buy my contract...