Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can Bruises Have Bruises?

All I have to say is that in response to my last post, Mom, I am glad you taught me how to plow, for it seemed like that was the reoccurring theme of skiing yesterday. Well... I guess it is closely followed by wrecking and losing my skis an upwards of 5-6 times every run, but hey, the plowing saved me quite a few times.
Our adventure began early Tuesday. 8 AM, that is, when Cloey and I arrived at Timberline to catch the bus up to Bogus. The roads weren't too bad, so we got up to Bogus around 10. 48 dollars later I was zipping up my snow pants, (courtesy of Melissa Morales) strapping into my skis, (courtesy of the Scoggin Family) and adjusting my goggles (courtesy of the Hardy's). We road the lift up to the bunny hill, and after a small lesson on turning, Cloey let me go. Well, the first run was alright- in fact, the first couple were alright. It was when Cloey decided I'd graduated to the next lift up when I began having issues... and swearing like a sailor. Oh, Sourdough Run. It's shaped like a bowl, and this is where I began my theme of "wipeout". I struggled down, and Cloey followed behind so when I messed up and flew down the mountainside, she could retrieve my poles (sometimes skis) while trying to muffle her uncontrollable laughter, which echoed through the hills. It was definitely an experience. However, falling on the mountain was not the only place I had issues. I had problems even standing, getting my skis to cooperate while in the lift line, and I was just was happy that my goggles hid 3/4 of my face!
However hellish all that might have sounded, my skills got a little better after lunch. We decided to try another run a lift down: "Sunshine". The fog rolled in, so it was kind of hard to see, but I began to feel a little more comfortable with those foreign objects on my feet. I lowered my falling average to about 3-4 times a run, and hey, I was just glad to make it out alive. Here's a video of my skill on Sushine.
Around 4 we met up with some friends, and did a couple runs with them. Overall, it was a really fun day, and I am stoked to continue to conquer the slopes, which I will do in the future, however near or very extremely far away that is! We returned home around 6, and a shower, 3 ibuprofen, and some lasagna, I was asleep by 8. I don't think I've done that since I was, oh, maybe 8? I woke up this morning with everything hurting, but oh, I would and will do it all again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hormonal Snow and Unreliable Weathermen

So, it is currently dumping buckets of the white stuff upon the good people of Boise, Idaho.
But then again, this has kinda become a nightly thing for us..
It snows, it melts, it snows, it becomes slush.
It ices the road.
And I cannot drive.
Oh, and the weatherman said there would be a 5% chance of precipitation tonight.
HA! I believe they are 95% wrong.
Oh well, I won't complain, because tomorrow I am skiing for the first time!
Yay. :)
And Mom counseled me to:
1. Stay close to Cloey.
2. Don't fall off the backside of the mountain.
3. "Snow plow"- which is a move she modeled which just looked pigeoned toed.
haha I am excited.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love Christmas lights! That is one of my favorite things about Christmas- seeing people go allllll, walking a fine line between picaresque and tacky. I have this in common with quite a few of my friends, so the last two nights have been spent with various friends finding the best light displays. OH, and did we find the BEST ones. The first one, I heard about from one of my co-workers who told me she screamed with delight when she saw it. OH. I had to go. So, I made my friend find out where it was, with the help of mapquest, we were led to the president of Idaho Power's home up in the foothills. My anticipation started to build like 5 miles from his house, cuz you could SEE IT! It was marked with this ginormous red angel on the side of the hill, and last night we found out that you can basically see it from my house, too. Amazing. I guess the guy makes his employees set up his house.. it's crazy. Last night I took more of my friends, and they were pretty impressed, too. These pics definitely don't do it justice.!
The second house was THE BEST, though. It's what we like to call a "Singing House" where the lights move and are synchronized to music. This house was crazy. There were tons of people in their cars, backed on neighboring driveways to see it, and wow what a show it was. Now, it was quite tacky, with music like "yellow snow, yellow snow, yellow snow" and corny jokes told by a couple of penguins, but ahhh all of us were just kinda is awe of it all. This video just doesn't do the place justice... it was MUCH more bright and seizure-inducing. :) But hey, enjoy it anyways. :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two Good Websites

Bored? Here are two good websites.... I drift to frequently: pretty sure Lindsay, Payton, and I like to spend too much time on here. Lindsay knows all the famous painters, Payton can point to Djibouti on the map, and hey, I dabble in a bit of spanish vocabulary. But for those of you who don't know it, get a question right, and the site will donate 20 grains of rice to end world hunger. Hey, it's service from your computer chair. seeing as I am a white girl through and through, I think this site is hilarious. From Ugly Sweater Parties to Pea Coats to Scarves to Political Prisoners. This satirical site has allll the dry humor you could ever want about all the things us white people like to seem "cultured". :)

That is all for now

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Sweaters

Man.. you've just gotta love them.
Today was ugly sweater day at good ol' THS, and while it was basically just a few token seniors that were cool enough to break out their jolliest article of clothing, it was still a good time! And Christmas break is so close we can all taste it.. Yes I am excited. .. and 94 days of school fools.
I also completed the look with some fabulous candycane earrings. How great.And one our my teachers, Mrs. Moss, bought both me and Diana helmets for Christmas because we ride our bikes to school every day... okay except not when it's snowy out. So we figured we should pretend to ride our bikes here.... oh, and currently my bike is being help captive by the bike rack because my lock won't open.. awesome!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who Knew?

So I have always been quite amazed at the internet, but last Thursday I discovered another miraculous quality it bestows...
You can learn to do anything on YouTube. Seriously. In fact, last week it taught me how to knit. Yes, that is correct. While most people learn to knit from their grandmas- or wait, ONLY grandmas do this- I woke up one day, decided it would be a sweet skill to acquire, and the rest is history.
Oh, the power of the web.
Anyways, now knitting has sort of become a hobby... I'm not that excellent, but perhaps one day I will be able to actually knit my very own Christmas sweaters... :)
And, I decided that for Honor Society my Individual Service Project will be knitting a scarf for the "Mitten Tree" we have at school. Three cheers for new talents and service!
Hahaha that is all for today.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Glory Hallelujah

Yes, yes tis true.
It feels pretty dang good.
My applications found their way to Utah State University, University of Utah, BYU and BYU-Idaho. My mom shot down my hopes and dreams of applying to BYU-Hawaii, she says it isn't a "real school". Pooey. (She thinks I will just sit around and each chocolate-covered macademia nuts all day, but hey, I don't even like those... everyone knows I would just suck all the chocolate off.)
So far, I've been getting good results with this applying business. I've been accepted to:
Utah State-today they sent me a strange banner, the infamously coveted TRUE AGGIE chapstick, (all you Legacy Applicants understand what I mean) and a lot of paperwork. Yippie!
University Of Utah- the coolest thing they sent me was a "Certificate of Acceptance"... and a window cling- can't be forgetting that.
And hopefully all my paperwork reached BYU today and I met the priority deadline, which is today. If not, I blame the Stake Presidency for not sending in my endorsement on time! (because I know it couldn't have anything to do with me waiting til the last minute to get my interview :0)
So yeah, I'm just taking a deep breath now, and diving into the next phase of this multi-leveled labryrinth called "senior year". (but sometimes I like to call it Hell)
In fact, last night I decided I would delve into these precious things, and only came to find that the priority deadline for USU scholarships was today. Delightful. So, I spent the rest of the night frantically trying to put together a brag sheet and making my sleep deprived mother stay up and provide moral support while I constantly asked, "hey Mom- do you remember when we did that one service project when you were in YW?!" Needless to say, I did complete both applications, and so now we will sit, watch and wait... and fill out apps for other scholarships.
Oh, and 106 days of Timberline left.