Thursday, February 26, 2009

AP Spanish

might kill me tonight.
So, if I don't make it through tonight and class tomorrow...
it was a good life.
Divide my belongings accordingly!

Tonight's itinerary:
-Rotary Scholars Packet
- SPAN Presentational Speaking- 3 sets of notes
- SPAN Reading Comprehension- 4 essays- vocab, questions
- AP Stats- Packet & Test Review

.. and it's 11 PM. I wish I had Diana's skills of pulling all nighters almost every night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

WW3: Buy your kid Mario Kart.
I dare you.

Ever since Christmas Payton has been wanting nothing more than Mario Kart for WII, cuz evidentially the Super Smash Bros I picked out wasn't good enough. (Aren't they the same thing? Evidentially not.) Every few days he'd beg me or Mom to take him to the store so he could see if Hastings, Fred Meyer, Shopko, Radio Shack, ect had the game in yet, and since Christmas it's been to no avail. He is obsessed. And he didn't even have the game yet! Sometimes I'd come home from school to see him glued to the computer screen watching youtube clips of other kids playing the game, and he'd just sit there, mesmerized. Mom finally broke down and just ordered it online, and after the longest week of the kid's life, it came today. When Payton came home and realized salvation had come, he ran around the house yelling at the top of his little lungs, and then plopped right down to play... and speaking of which, I think his "hour" is up... but anyways, it's been great entertainment for me. But not because I enjoy Mario Kart; it's because I like listening to him cry. Ha- I don't think he's gotten a hang of it quite yet, and about every 2 minutes I hear whimpers or howls of frustration, most commonly a whiny, "OH Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" It's hilarious.
Know someone a little too mature? Buy them Mario Kart-- they'll instantly turn back into a baby.

And now I am off to do a little kartin' myself.

BREAKING NEWS: I went in there to see how it was going, and yes, he was teary, and yelling, "I USED TO BE GOOD, BUT NOW I SUCK!" Put that one in the book of quotes :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

While running today I was trying to think of something good to write about... and then I thought, hey! I've got some good wisdom to pass on about running. Outside, that is.
So, for today's Wisdom, I'd like to share my top reasons why running outside is so much better than running inside on the dreadmill.
1. You don't have to endure listening to the club blaring Janet Jackson. Sorry... but that doesn't really pump anyone up.
2. You NEVER get stuck on the treadmill facing the wall.
3. The stopwatch doesn't stare at you. (I swear the seconds are longer... 45 minutes HAS to be at least 47)
4. You can actually pass the sweaty guy who's perspirations is everywhere.. including on you.
5. Two words: Vitamin D
6. There's no recycled air to breathe. (And it doesn't stink at 4 PM, right Mom? :D)
7. Like the stopwatch, you don't have to watch your calorie count go 31, 32, 33, ...34,.....35
8. The sense of accomplishment is always better when you've run 5 miles and actually gone 5 miles!

On that note, Mom and I didn't get into Robie Creek. The race filled up in less than 1 hour. Yep, that is right, all 2000+ spots. Ridiculous. Bitter? Nah.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Trash Bash

SO: This weekend I was planning on going to Idaho Falls. It didn't happen. So, instead I did the next best thing.. went to Taylor Goade's White Trash birthday party with Diana. Basically we looked REALLY good... especially since I just drive around a white trash truck anyways. :)
Those acid washed Wranglers my dad bought my mom all those years ago have DEFINITELY not lived in vain...
The party was good, but I had college friends in town. Which is better. Ha! (Just kidding.. I love you all nice and equally :) ) Especially the newly 18 year old Taylor.
Anyways, I digress. Rachael and David, two of my older friends, wanted to go to Merritt's, our favorite place to go get SCONED late at night, and probably the most white trash restaurant around! We figured, hey! We are already dressed for the part! Let's go get some sugar scones. So, we did.

On the way out there, and other times during the night, Diana kept telling me how HILARIOUS it would be if we got pulled over tonight- I told how NOT funny it would be, and then a peculiar thing happened. I was at a stop light no more than 2 minutes later, and upon the light turning green and my proceeding through the intersection, another set of lights turned on. They were behind me. And red and blue. WE WERE GETTING PULLED OVER! Yeah. I freaked out, pulled over to the side of the road, and my mind raced on what I had done wrong. Had I crossed the white line too far in the intersection? Did the cop see my put my seatbelt on too late? I couldn't think of anything. So, I sat there and unrolled my window as the cop came up.

Cop- "Is this your car?"
Me- "Yes!"
Cop- "Do you know your registration is expired as of 10/08? (My hopes rose a little.. it was my DAD'S fault! Not mine!! :D)
Me- "Uhh... no, I could have sworn my dad just got it done..."
Cop- "Can I get your license, registration, and proof of insurance?"
Me- "Yeah, sure..." (I frantically look for it while being completely embarrassed of the state of myself and Diana, and then remember that as part of Diana's costume, she had a Corona WATER bottle, but it still said CORONA and that was NOT going to look good.) I couldn't find my license, so I told Hailey and Diana to get out of the car so I could find my license. As this all was happening, I tried to explain to the officer that we had just been at a white trash birthday party... he didn't look too convinced... and proceeded to get the licenses of both Hailey and Diana- were we convicts now?! The girls got out of the car, and Diana told the other officer that it was a "non-drinking" party, and then proceeded to throw her bottle in the back. However, the other officer wanted to know why she'd just thrown a bottle behind the seat.. she showed it to him, and things were okay in THAT department!

Anyways, I finally found my license, and the cop went back to his car. I was just sitting there half laughing, half wanting to cry, and all around excited to tell this story to everyone back at Taylor's. While the cop was gone we decided to turn on the church CD I had to make us seem like good girls, but sadly, that didn't stop the cop from giving me a ticket. :( GOSH you'd think my dad could keep the registration dates straight on 3 cars! :)

So, that was adventure number 1. We proceeded to Merritt's, and thought hey, now we can be with our own kind! Yeah.. we couldn't have been more wrong. Saturday night BSU had played Utah State, and let's just say about 1/4 the USU student section turned and stared at us when we walked in the door. There was an abundance of Jaw dropping, gawking, and "we are definitely in Idaho" looks from them as we made our way to our table. Let's just say we got stared at ALL night. Especially "pregnant" Diana. Oh my gosh.. it was so funny.. In fact, the waitress even commented on her tramp stamp, asking her totally seriously if she played pool! What a night...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Phase 1: This morning I got the CES Email.
Phase 2: Heart stopped and I opened it
Phase 3: BYU loves being ambiguous and tells you to go to their website cuz they're "made their decision"
Phase 4: With trembling fingers I try to type my login
Phase 5: Wait... for... it.. to... load...
Phase 6: See I've been ADMITTED!
Phase 7: Read they're even gonna give me a little money. Taking the ACT 3 times helped :)
I have 30 days to decide.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Everyone does a cutesy blog post on Wednesday to get them over Hump day...
so, I figured hey, jump on the bandwagon or get run over!
So without further ado, WISDOM WEDNESDAY! (I am full of wisdom, you see)

WW1: Fix your children's teeth when they are young.
Okay, I am sick of having things in my mouth that aren't teeth. Here is the latest contraption I've been fitted with...
Yeah... the floating rubber band.
Why the little hissy fit, you might ask? Well, today I had an orthodontist appointment. I was under the impression I would be done with my trays today, but sadly, I am still plastic mouth. My tooth with the rubber band attached on the top just doesn't feel like cooperating and fitting the tray just right, so I guess this rubber band contraption is supposed to pull it down in the next two weeks. Blah. So until then I get to snap myself in the mouth and have people give me strange looks... well, actually, I love it when people give me strange looks :)
So really I don't care that much about this rubber band. BUT I am mad that I am supposed to get my senior pix in a month, and my teeth probably won't be done. Ugh. Oh well, the world probably won't stop turning.
Anyways, if people are reading this, I have one wise word. Fix your child's teeth before their senior year.
PS. Mom, I am speaking generally, NOT to you :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Facts

I was "tagged" on FB, and figured, hey, let's just kill 2 birds and put it on the ol' blog!

1. I don't like the words "moist" and "nummy". It's not really the connotation on the word that gets me... I think they are both gross words, but it's more the way you shape your mouth and the sound of the words. Disgusting.

2. I'm a vegetarian. It all started with Diana 2 years ago when we ate at Dairy Queen, I had a terrible hamburger, and I decided to try it out... I love it, I feel so much healthier and I don't even remember what meat tastes like.

3. I love writing in my journal.. I have notebooks and notebooks detailing my life. In fact, I'm sure I've written about everyone I tagged in one of them at least once! It's a disease...

4. I love running- especially long distance. XC was the best part of high school, and last year I ran Robie Creek Half Marathon... I plan on doing it again this year

5. I have a conscience the size of Rhode Island. Seriously.

6. Riding the blue cruiser is my preferred method of transportation. Me and Diana ride 'em almost every day when it's not snowing. It is so relaxing and great!

7. When I turn on the TV I always go to the news or CSPAN first. Yeah. I know, I'm really weird. I love politics, and wish I would have been a debater.

8. I like high school, but I am ready to move on in my life. Next year I am either going to USU or BYU, and will major in Biology. The plan right now is that I will be a dentist, but I also want to be a Dietician... oh gosh it's hard. If both those fall through, I would love to major in poli sci and do something political.

9. NATURE. I love being outside and experiencing Mother Nature. Being out there, riding my cruiser, running on the greenbelt, it is when I've had my most euphoric & life fulfilling moments.

10. I have huge pupils. The ophthalmologist told me that I have 7mm pupils, and most people only have 6mm pupils. Go figure.

11. Diana and I love to speak Spanish to each other.. (porque nos amigos no entienden!). The best time of the day is when we speak solid espanol from Spanish to Choir. We get some priceless looks. :)

12. I have movie ADD. Ask anyone who goes to movies with me on the rare occasion I do... I can't sit still

13. I basically hate gossip. What bothers me the most is when someone tells me stuff about X person, whenever I see X person, that one thing is all I can think about! I like living in oblivion to people's deep dark secrets :)

14. I love dreads.. especially guys with them. Ohhhh baby. I hope one day I can have them, and until then I will just love the thought of having them

15. One time I backwards somersaulted an entire football field. Oh peer pressure

16. I am the queen of countdowns. I am a huge paper chain enthusiast.. there is NOTHING better than ripping off a chain every day and feeling the excitement build for the day you are counting down to! My current paper chain is geared towards the last day of school... 72 days

17. I really loathe shopping. However, I love new clothes!

18. I am trying to work on living every day for what it is... not wishing for tomorrow or yesterday.

19. Knitting. Call me grandma, but hey, ever since Anna Thorn and Youtube helped me figure it out, I've just gone to town, and I knit every Sunday in church :) And I apologize to Emily for making fun of her all the time last year!

20. I am extremely task oriented. I love my agenda. It is my favorite thing; writing, highlighting,
it's the best.

21. I don't have a boyfriend, and that is the way I like it. I think serious relationships when you're young and in high school are too stressful- I would much rather just have fun :)

22. One time when I was in third grade I fell out the shrubs onto the cement at my school while being a good citizen and picking up trash. I bled a lot, and had to get stitches.. I guess that's what I get for trying to be a good citizen! But besides that, I've never had any major injuries!

23. I am kind of addicted to facebook... and trying to limit myself

24. I don't really like to sleep like most people do.. I have to make myself go to bed at night, and I'm not very good at sleeping in.

25. I have invisalign, and my teeth are almost straight! 10 more days of trays!

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