Monday, August 30, 2010

welcome back

to the busiest time of you life. Gone are my work filled days with a little gym time on the side. And a free place to live. And money. On the flip side though, welcome to 4 new closets of clothes. It pays to have stylish friends... no back to school shopping for me! 
So far, day one hasn't been too awful. I woke up at a reasonable hour, worked at UVP til lunch, and then started the day off right with New Testament... but a little wrench was thrown into the system, and instead of Prof Stanley Johnson- the best and easiest Religion professor to date, we were greeted with new meat- a guy skinnier, younger, and with a new spin on grading. Good thing all of my roommates and I are going to endure it together. Friday night study parties, anyone?
My apartment complex... well, so far so good. It's got a party reputation, a million sophomores, and lots of RMs. hmmm. This shall be an adventure. 
That's the update. I've got to head to Spanish Literature. Sounds scary.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't believe

it took me a whole 19 years and 5 months to get down to Lake Powell. The place is beautiful. I need a boat. I need to get back there, and quick!
For months the roommates and I have been building up for our Powell trip with Sam's family. It was going to be our last hoorah before school began and we had other things to worry about other than who was the tannest. (I still lose) Let's just say the trip was the cherry on top of a great summer.... but laced with bad luck and serious groan moments around every corner. Hear me out.
Friday night we packed up and got the heck out of Dodge around 4. We were on a mission to get to the dock before 9 and it got dark. Our hopes were high until 5 minutes into the trip when we hit the dreaded traffic on the freeway, which we sat in it for a good hour, hardly moving at all. Thank you wrecks and rubberneckers.
We definitely didn't make it to Powell that night, so as our hope sunk with the setting sun, we arranged other plans, and found ourselves at the "Whispering Sands" motel for the night in Hanksville- population the owners of the motel. Hey- at least I got to shower, though. And our towels were folded all artsy like, too, which is always a plus.
In the morning we fueled up on grapes and Goldfish, then headed out for the lake. FINALLY! The red cliffs were a warm welcome as we got the boat in the water and jetted off to the slip, where the houseboat lives when it isn't used. The next couple hours were spent settling, trying to craft pb and j's with our loaves of extremely smashed bread, and then it was boat time. We tooled around for a bit, Sam showed us how it was done on the surfboard, and then Kels and Jo took a whack at it. I was just getting ready to try my hand on the board when suddenly the whir of the boat stopped. Uh oh. Sam's dad tried again and again to get the motor to hum, but it just refused. We were stranded in the middle of the lake. Not even 2 hours into our boating adventures, and we had a broken boat. After many attempts to get the MasterCraft rolling once more, we threw up the orange flag, and a group in a boat about 30 years old and half the size of our rig came to the rescue, towing us back to the slip. What a sight we were- big beautiful speedboat behind a tiny little tugboat. We got lots of looks.
Back in the slip we napped while Sam's dad made lots of phone calls and headed back to Price to get the boat's fuel pump replaced. What a saint he is! Back in the slip we held the fort down, and things went pretty good til around dinnertime when we tried to make spaghetti, but the gas refused to work, the refrigerator would not stop beeping, and my blood pressure was spiking. We had the brilliant idea of firing up the grill and hoping we could cook spaghetti on there.... and it WORKED! The food was good, and the rest of the night went pretty smoothly. (Besides the fact that the snackbar ran out of ice cream. Now THAT was a crisis) We just could hardly wait to get out of the slip the next day!
Sunday morning Sam's dad came back with the newly fixed boat, and that meant our trip could finally begin. We untied all the ropes and hit the high seas in the houseboat, searching out a good spot to anchor down, far away from everything- which isn't hard at Powell, seeing as it is HUGE. After driving for a couple hours on the lake, which is the craziest feeling, by the way, we found a great secluded spot, anchored down, and then jumped on the speedboat for a Sunday "drive". That's gotta be one of the best feelings- gliding around the glassy water, feeling the misty breeze on your face, and having the warm air whip around your face. Mmmmm I need a boat. The night was spent eating a lot of good food, again, cooked grill style (what good pioneers we'd be) and then laughed when poor Sam had a bug fly in her ear and burrow it's way down there. No worries, though. We killed it with rubbing alcohol and it didn't eat any of her brain!
Monday was play day. We got up early, jumped aboard, and spent the day surfing, (and getting a fat lip when it smacked me in the mouth) wake boarding, and cliff jumping. The water was warm, the sun shone all day, and it was PERFECT. We took a lunch break and a little time to recoop, and then it was back to the lake for tubing. And a lot of Tube Wars, which basically means pushing everybody off the tubes mercilessly. So fun. We were definitely feeling it the next day! Monday night all things were going well until I went outside to get my drying swimsuit off the side of the boat, and found nothing where I'd put it. I searched around in the dark, but found nothing. Looks like the lake had taken claim of it, and for all I knew, it was 200 feet down. Kind of a damper to a good day, right? Yep, I thought so too.
Tuesday was our last day. I woke up, glanced at the lake, and then something caught my eye. about 50 yards off, I could see something lurking in the water. MY SWIMSUIT! It'd survived! I jumped on a tube and rowed myself over, and me and orange swimsuit had a happy reunion. The clouds were parting! I'd actually had a little good luck!! The rest of the day was good- we continued tube wars, although it hurt to move, we did a little more cliff jumping, and then it was time to head back home. We spent a long time cleaning, packing, and trying to eat all our food so we wouldn't have to pack it all- pretty sure we would have been set for at least another week with the food we'd brought! Anyways, after hours of packing up we all jumped on the speedboat one last time, locked up the houseboat, and Sam's dad dropped the keys into the lake. They were going down fast, so Sam's dad jumped in, rescued them, and then had a horrible realization. He'd had his iphone in his pocket. It was dead. Now that was a cherry on top of a perfect adventure, right? What a saint he is!
The ride home went surprisingly quick, and now it is back to school mode. I can't hardly believe it is that time again- but then again it feels like I ended winter semester eons ago. We start moving in today- goodbye laziness of summer and hello craziness of BYU. I'm ready.

one picture

is worth one thousand words.
But don't worry, Mom. I will write them all tomorrow. Powell was great. must go back

Monday, August 16, 2010

far too much talk

of this "back to school".
As I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror today I noticed how pale my skin has become. The realization settled into me that long gone are the days of summer, laying poolside, and drinking in the ultraviolet. (Boo) My lack of an amiable relationship with the sun can say thanks to a full time job and a part timer at the Marriott. Oh well, not complaining. Spain was worth it tenfold. (And it still occupies my mind 3/4 the day)
And I do like my new job. It's sometimes challenging, a bit fast paced, and gets me to comb my hair in the morning. Since I am Spanish girl, (one of a handful, but like today, the only) I often respond to the chorus of "Spanish call on 600!" and my heart always picks up at least .8 mph as I press that flashing button and plug one ear in hopes of being able to understand the bluster of Spanish that usually follows my rehearsed, "bueno, en que puedo ayudarle?"
It's fun. It's rewarding. Seeing the blonde girl speak something other than English throws some for a loop.
Today I had my first experience with direct translation. Problem: blue eyed Spanish baby with a yeast and ear infection, Dad knowing no English, Nurse Practitioner knowing no Spanish, and no hide nor hair of any bilingual nurses in the office. Solution: Call back the girl with only 1.5 weeks of experience in the office to bridge the gap. I stumbled a little, but after only having to look up "prune" one time, baby had prescription, little siblings had their stickers, and Dad had high hopes of being able to sleep a little more at night. It was a cool experience- almost enough to water my mind- seed about changing the major once more.
Another plus of today: I came home today to a muchly (not a real word) anticipated package from my mom. (and it was a miracle it got here, she had the address completely wrong, much to my Grandmother's delight. A for effort!) Inside? New. Rainbows. And my phone charger. It was like Christmas. If you didn't hear before, my old favorite pair of Rainbows, who stayed by my side for a good three summers and dyed my feet brown without fail every time they got wet, gave up the ghost a couple weeks back. When I arrived back from Spain, I was brokenhearted to find them moldy in my suitcase. Thinking I could just clean them, I threw them outside, forgot about them, and then the sun shriveled them up and all my efforts to straighten them out only broke one in half. It was a sad day. Anyways, Mom sent me new ones, and while they kill my feet now, they will only get better with time. I know it.
And after all my crying about being white I am proud to announce that t minus 4 days until I am headed down to visit with the red rocks of Lake Powell with my 'mates. Note to self: with the current state of your skin, you will get burned. So wear sunscreen. You will thank blog Alyssa later, I promise.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ten things and i should be sleeping

a few things I would like to share as of late:

1. The new job is great. however, the sick children have donated their sickness to me. I need a stricter regimen of purell... this cold is getting me down!
2. I found a new old pair of jeans at Plato's Closet and I am in love. 35$ MEKs? I will take it.
3. My roommates have returned to the state, and that means I've got friends in Provo again!! We move into the new apt. in two weeks, and that makes me happy.
4. you should probably go to Walmart and pick up some Great Value brand bean and corn salsa. No, don't judge, just do. It is delicious.
5. I tried key lime pie bars for the first time yesterday, and that is all I can think about lately, besides a tortilla bocadillo from Spain. That sounds really good, and I miss Spain. (big surprise there!)
6. Someone should come fold my laundry that has been washed since Tuesday. Honestly I know I've got time, I just can't get around to it.
7. it's Lindsay's birthday today, and I wish I was home to celebrate and eat chocolate pie with her. I love you, Linds
8. I can't get enough Spanish music lately. Domingo Astroromantico is the best song, and if you want to hear the best version, click here. If you want to see good ol' music video that captures the Spaniards in a nutshell, click here. It's rich, corny, and I love it.
9. I went to Idaho Falls last weekend for Chayden's farewell, and it was great to see everyone (that is left there, anyways) and I wish him the best of luck in England!
10. There is a random rooster running around my grandma's street, and I have no idea where it belongs, but it is hilarious, and the neighbor girls like to cart it around like it's a baby.

well, ¡basta ya! that's enough. hope life is great. keep on ramblin'

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the weekend. and a couple woes

after a blissful 4ish days in my hometown, we meet again, Provo.
Ahh what a weekend it was. I like Boise a lot, and I wish I could have hung around longer. Jill and I arrived Friday afternoon after a dicey car trip home thanks to some very hot weather beating down on poor Dorothy and causing her temp gauge to rise and rise along with Jill's fear her car might blow up. We were thankful to arrive in one piece! Friday night after Mom made delicious black bean burgers I was introduced to "the girls" who are the newest 5 members of my family- the demonic chickens that live in the backyard, enjoy hopping fences, and freak me out a little. After playing chicken round up we treated ourselves to Blue Cow. I loved it.
Saturday morning we hiked/ran around Table Rock followed by the famous Mom's pancakes, ran errands with Mom and the girls, reunited ourselves with the best burritos in Boise at Pollo Rey, and then I floated the river with my favorite Boiseans. Our river adventures are always a little dicey, and this one was no different. Hey, there is no good story to tell if you get out with no deflated rafts, broken oars, or a couple scrapes, right? Later Saturday night Lindsay, Payton, and I conned Dad into taking us to eat at Flatbread with him and Mom, and then I spent the rest of the night with more friends just sitting outside, playing catch up, and eating lots of s'mores.
Sunday brought church, then I made Spanish food for my family for dinner. Much to my delight, most everyone liked the paella, and although no one liked my mushrooms, the tortilla was burned, and I had some close calls with my chocolate flan, it was fun to be reunited with my olive oil, salt, and vinegar. (And I missed Spain. A lot.) The rest of Sunday we lounged around all day, then got the bikes out for our traditional Sunday ride. (I seriously wonder what people think when they see all of us parading down the streets on our cruisers, all gang-like...) To end the night we made a fire in the backyard and made more s'mores. Life doesn't get any better.
Monday Mom and I went to the gym, I went to the dentist for a little cleaning (best feeling ever) and then had my library adventure. I tagged along with Mom as she ran errands the rest of the day, did some cooking, caught Bachelorette finale, and a went on a nice night walk. Lovely, I'd say.
This morning I packed up my stuff, went to the orthodontist to visit my good friend Dr. Jarvis, and then it was back to Provo. This is where the woes start. I've had invisalign for 2 years now. My teeth are not getting any straighter. I am losing faith in these plastic trays as the days go on :/ Is it too late to just slap on some wires and straighten these bad boys in a month or two?!
Anyways, that's woe number one, and woe number two happened tonight as I was sitting in my room eating some delicious Spanish almonds. I'd eaten maybe 5 or 6 when I looked down and saw a couple of ants crawling around on my bed. And on the box. And inside the box. And all over my almonds. Yes, it seems they like the sugary coating as much as I do, and much to my dismay, they infested my other box of almonds, too. So right now I am mourning the loss of the most delicious Spain souvenir ever. Sigh.
On the bright side, I do start my new job tomorrow! Aunt Carolyn hooked me up with a job at her office at the Timpanogos Hospital as a receptionist, and so tomorrow I officially get to erase 6 AM Marriott shifts from my summer, and acquire a real big girl job. Hopefully it goes great!
And now it's time for bed. Goodnight and good luck

Monday, August 2, 2010


i am feeling waaaay hardcore as I sit here in the LIBRARY! stealthily stealing people's held copies of cds right from the rack and downloading them right onto my laptop.
then replacing them before any of the libarians catch me. muahaha
my newest additions to itunes? cage the elephant and lots of band of horses.
i love boise.