Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

obviously, I do not know how to open a bag of cake mix without it exploding all of me, the floor, sink, counters, roommates within a 3 feet radius, etc.
You see, today was Anna's birthday, and because I wanted to be a good roommate, I told her I'd make her a cake.
Because I wanted to be an even BETTER student, I decided I would start it last night. While this incident put a damper on things, I still got the cake made.
However, this was not the least of my worries.
Snicker cake, you're were a huge pain in the ARSE.
Today I was on a time crunch. I got back from the gym at 10:30 and figured, "hey! How long could it really take to frost a cake?!" 2 hours. That's how long. Anna wanted Snicker cake, and the birthday girl gets what the birthday girl wants! Anyways, this cake entailed chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, and crushed Snicker all nestled between 2 layers of Devil's food. Sound pretty easy, right? Nope. Let's just say that within those 2 hours, I had to endure having the cake fall apart when I attempted to layer it, trying to thaw Cool Whip and having it turn to a puddle of goo, trying to make lunch only to have my grilled cheese burned to a crisp and my tomato soup boil over, and then when I'd doctored the cake all up and finagled a crevice of space in the fridge, having cartons of yogurt fall right into the piece of artwork.
Hang on, my blood pressure is rising just writing this.
Breathe. Breathe.
However, if I do have one piece of wisdom for you today, despite my complete lack of cake skills, it is this:
In the end, Snicker cake turned out alright. (After a lot of paper towels and a sticky note on the tray telling people not to laugh at it too hard)
And Anna was a happy birthday girl.
And for once, all the roommates were in the same place at the same time!
Happy 19th Anna

Friday, February 19, 2010

still hung up on

that blog I read yesterday.... and sorry about the excess of posts the last couple days.
Today took me to the grocery store, and I bought a lot of vegetables and must-be-laced-with-gold-so-expensive fruit.
.. now what to cook? For sure this bread, cuz I am going to become domestic, one way or another... plus it just looks good. I got yeast and wheat flour, so now all I am searching for is a 4 hour block of time where I can sit around and think about nothing but yeast.
... ps I was right. It's been snowing like a madman off and on the last couple days.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have no idea what is going on in BOM right now because I'm addicted to this.
Can I be her, please? (sans the children and short hair)

anyways, I need to say someting. I've been mulling over my thoughts the last couple days, and I have decided to take the plunge. The best way to work towards a goal is to make it public, and even though it seems pretty trivial, here it is.
I have become addicted to facebook, and I have got to get my habit under control. It seems every time I get on the internet my fingers have been conditioned to type the URL, and there is something quite unsettling about that... so here it is- I set no new years resolutions, but I've got a February 18th goal: facebook once a day. I can get on, check the comings and goings of the random 450+ "friends" I've got (because evidentally I care that (insert name) is going to the mall, or that (insert name) posted new pictures from Mardi Gras)?) and then I have to get off. The addiction ends today! haha
Ready, set, go.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Blue skies, birds chirping in the twiggish trees, and BYU landscaper boys blasting Owl City as they pour new bark around the trees on campus and trim shrubs.
A little spring preview?
I don't buy it. I'm with the groundhog.
I know that Mother Nature has got a snow storm or two up her sleeve... and I'm not putting away the sweaters quite yet.
However, on a lighter note, it's Wednesday... but it really feels like Tuesday because of good ol' President's day. Speaking of the long weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I tried to suck every moment of pleasure and laziness out of it, seeing as BYU is stingy with their breaks, and there are no more until the end of semester. Boo
However, like I said, I liked it because these people spent it with me.
Ahhhh I love these two. I like that we can listen to the same songs over and over and they don't really get old. I think it's great that Britni will drive us all over God's creation because she's been blessed with a vehicle. I'm thankful that they'll eat anything I cook. I love that even though we don't get to see each other that much anymore, we're still tight.
WW50- Have a Britni and a Hailey.
Some say that over time, you will drift from your high school friends... well, things are just that much more fun when they're around, and I hope that if even an inkling of drifting ever occurs, my VVC friends will pull me right back in.

Monday, February 15, 2010


So since we got to our movie too early, I took a phone survey, headed down to Wingers, and got this litle piece of heaven for free.. Don't worry, we stole the popcorn for the movie, too! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

soy amada

Happy Valentines day fam, friends, and stalkers!
The day has been good, the weekend has been excellent.
If there is one thing I do love, it is these loooooooong weekends- and I like them even more when Britni and Hailey can come down and partake of Provo.
that's all for now. lately I have been bad at getting my thoughts on here... but I'll be better.

Now speaking of something else I love.... it's time for some family dinner.
now go tell somebody you love 'em

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Well, today is the day- Cory Crellin is now officially missionary material, and he's now in the MTC. My wisdom?
WW49- Corey, convert some Costa Rican 'ticos
... and don't feed the monkeys.

buena suerte, hermano.

and Britni is coming to visit tomorrow- YAY.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

So the other day I came to this sort of big realization.
Spain= less than 3 months away. 84 days.
Crazy, eh? I think so.
Something even crazier, you might ask?
I am so excited to see them all- and especially Kourtni's teeth... no more braces :) This weekend will be a great one- I've got almost all my homework-ish stuff done, I'm ditching school on Friday, and Ashlee is getting married! Yay! As for wisdom......
I could write about this:
meet recycling mountain. I am chief recycler in Bowen 11, but I keep forgetting/being too lazy to make the trek out to the recycling bin, so as for now, we'll all have to deal with the landmark in the corner.. it's nice scenery.
But instead, I'll write about THIS!
WW48- Great Boise minds think alike.
to make a very long story short, Emily and I basically were twins the other day... it was so funny, but really, what can you say when you've got style like ours? She's a nice, constant little piece of the city of trees in the city of... bees? haha