Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Today I feel like my life is a game of "try to cram all stuff you gotta do and hope there is time for the stuff you wanna do" day.
WW56- Sunflower Market
This week Mom, Kourtni, Lindsay, and Payton are all here to celebrate the holiday they call "spring break". Hmmm I don't really know what that is- BYU doesn't believe in it.
While they are out having fun, I am out working, schooling, and trying to make heads or tails of a chemistry unit I didn't pay attention to. JOY.
I have found a little time to play with my family, but without fail every night, my "hanging out" involves me running completely out of gas by 10:00 and, if it's like last night, crashing on my cousin's bed while everyone else has fun. 6 AM work can really suck sometimes.
HOWEVER I did go to the coolest place ever, yesterday. Sunflower. I hope it wasn't a dream I just thought up while I was napping on Carter's bed because I fell in love. Ahhhh all the produce you can lay eyes on, vegetarian food, and actual red lentils... I have found my favorite store.
Check it out. It's cute.
And with that it is back to solutes, moles, and equivalent measures.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Festival of Colors

since BYU doesn't have a spring break, this weekend was a little bit of a compensation, and what a grand one it was.
The weekend started off right with a birthday celebration for yours truly.
Cinnamon rolls + peanut butter cup ice cream is a holy combination, and it is a known fact that no matter how good your mom's cinnamon rolls are, there is NOTHING like Rhode's. Jordan, Kels, and Sam got me the best apron around, and Anita graced me with a turbie towel.
On Saturday it was the Holi Festival at the Spanish Fork Hare Krishna Temple. That thing was so crazy! What is this gathering? Well to put it in understandable terms, you buy chalk, and at the same time everyone throws it all over each other. Here is a little montage of the insanity, because you can't really put into words how it feels to only be able to see, breathe, and taste purple smoke for about 2 minutes straight. It was like the Apocalypse.
needless to say, my scalp is still purple.
The weekend continued, and continues, with much homework, and tonight the family arrives for a WEEK! I can't wait. Too bad I have classes so I can't hang out with them more :/

Friday, March 26, 2010

birthday and free things

so the 19th year celebration continues.
Where, you might ask? Only one of my favorite places ever to eat! Noodles & Co.
You see, because Noodles and I have such a good, tight, loving relationship, he gave me (and everyone else who subscribes to his mailing list) FREE BIRTHDAY LUNCH!
and because Jenna's birthday was only 2 days ago, she got free food, too.
So, we made it a date.
oh penne rosa, (but not so much the hair we found in Jenna's) how I love you so.
you might think that is where the road ends when it comes to the free food for the day... but as I was pondering the beauty of free entrees, I remembered I had a very hefty coupon from Bajio... and strangely enough, right as I looked out the window, there was Bajio right across the street. Without a second thought, I was there getting a bean and cheese burrito with more rice and beans.
I love mexican.
and I ate it all right on the spot. just kidding.
actually it's in my fridge, where I can hardly wait to eat it tomorrow, probably for breakfast since I own zero food right now. Total truth- I was so desperate this morning that I pulled out the steel cut oats my mom send up here with me.... sick.
Anyway, that's where the free food road ended. Now the friend birthday celebration, Festival of Colors, and homework-all-weekend-long-coming-out-my-ears road begins. Yay.
AND the family comes for Spring Break in, oh, less than 48 hours. Joyous!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

yesterday, happiness was found in a pair of heaven's footwear.
yesterday I received some as a birthday blessing from the zappos gods. (there must be some magic there... they came one day after ordered)
I love em now, and I know I will love them even more when they're worn with European dirt.
Pick some up for yourself, and thanks, M&D.
.. now back to studying for Stats :/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

there are a gazillion other things I should be doing right now.

but a recap of the weekend I promised sounded a heckuva lot better. Here we go!

Beau, his fiancee, Leslie, and I made the trek to IF, and with the superb navigation skills of my cousin, we got there in hardly any time! That night, Shane treated us to Chili's, where I am pretty sure I ate my body weight in chips and salsa... then topped it off with a black bean burger. MMMM if there is one thing I love, it is when restaurants have some good vegetarian cuisine.

I woke up to a handful of birthday texts from my people, Dad and I did my taxes (school/money follow me wherever I wander) and then we went to Smitty's for some good ol fashioned breakfast. That joint holds a special place in my heart, I will tell you that much! Mmm there is no cake that holds a candle to strawberry crepes. I am in love.
After eating and doing errands, Dad and I had a little birthday celebration with my Boise family on speakerphone as I read their great notes, opened gifts, and then went on a mad hunt for some birthday footwear via the internet. (and played "follow the signal" around Julie's house trying to find wireless was a treat, too!)
After Dad left, we headed up to my aunt's house for a babyshower, then trekked back out to the mall to search out clothing for Lex. It's great when two anti-shoppers get together and try to make an effort!
Later on, the birthday continued as Kansas State took BYU in the tourney, and Lex made me birthday nobakes. She is so good at them!
We finished off the night in the company of our preemie friends, watched Mulan, and I got feeling really sick. It was a rotten way to end a good day.

the day we thought would never really come. The day Lex and I used to go, "can you believe Rob will leave on his mission in 3 (years) 2(months) and then now, 1(week)?" It is crazy how time goes and comes and changes. Anyways, his speaking skills were superb, the food at his house was fantastic, and our friends were as immature as always. But we still love them for it.
The rest of the day was spend in a vari
ety of ways... like extreme photoshoots, playing dress-up in Rob's clothes, and then attempting to put together a 750 piece puzzle.
I swear I saw visions of lighthouses and seascapes for the next three hours.
And then as 6 PM drew near, it was time to leave the land I like, and go back to Provome. (that sounds like an infectious disease/STD)
And now I have too much to do, too much stress, too much homework, too much work, not enough sleep, not enough money, and not enough hours in the day.
But I've got memories, and frankly, that is all I really care about.

Monday, March 22, 2010

i have a confession to make

birthdays don't suck.
I'll write more later about how unsucky my 19th birthday was tomorrow because after this whirlwind of a weekend, I have GOT to sleep.
but as a little side note, I loved twitter shout outs from Britni, videos from Diana, midnight texts from my roommate, Kurt, and Melissa, no bake cookies from Lexi, notes from my family, hanging out with my dad, my fabulous Jordan, Kelsey, and Sam, and my favorite Idaho Falls family.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

all of a sudden I stink at making no bake cookies.
At least soft ones taste the same as the real kind :/
So a couple of things have changed over the last few days, one being the weather. All of a sudden it is BEAUTIFUL and that means spring is coming. I love it.
Another little cosita that has changed? It has to do with post-Madrid plans. After buying a plane ticket that returns to the US of A from Rome on June 30, all I have to say is this
WW54- Europe. Just do it.
As of now, I'm not really sure what is even going to go down on those 12 days after a group of students and I from my study abroad class say adios to Madrid, but I do know it's going to include flying to Marseilles, FRA and then tr
ain-ing to Bern, SWITZ, then ITALY- Venice, Florence, and Rome... in that order.
Actually Switzerland might get kicked out of the mix... but we'll see.
Anyways, I'm nervous, scared, excited, anxious, but overall just plain stoked to get OUT and catch the travel bug.
Now all I have to do is come up with the right amount of moolah to fund this little expedition, and hope my FAFSA comes super quick. And my passport. Looks like that's what I'll be wishing for come MANY 11:11s.
All I know is, this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am taking it.
Rome, Marsaille and Chateau d'If? Yes, please.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

cuantas bendiciones de Jesús tendrás

this weekend has been superb
Friday brought Blindside, which was fabulous the 2nd time over. It would have been even better if the Varsity Theatre would invest in some real seat cushions.

Saturday started early with 6 hours of working DanceSport, a ballroom dance competition held at the Marriott. Everyone was jealous of me and my mustard yellow and blue events shirt that almost hits my knees, I know it. DanceSport was really fun to work, and there was definitely not enough glitter, spandex, sequins, self tanner, and gel... on the "boys". Haha but no really, I got to watch a lot of Pasa Doble, Cha cha, Fox Trot, Waltz, & Quickstep... now I want to do it for myself. I mean, if 6 year olds can move their hips like that, (who even knew they HAD hips to move like that) maybe I can too? haha
Oh, and Saturday afternoon gifted us with a nice spring blizzard, too. Thanks a lot, Provo.

Sunday is where we are at right about now. This morning we went to some Stake Conference, and then I finished up church with more church at the barrio español! (spanish ward) It was great- I love Mexicans.
And now me and Anna are laying in our beds listening to the sweet sounds of my good friend, Mason Jennings. Mmmmm gotta love Sunday.
And happy birthday week to me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

Check one more thing off the Spain list.
I got my all my papers turned in for my passport, and 137 dollars and 4 weeks later I should have it.
Mmmmm I can almost smell the Mediterranean from here.
Thanks to my Mom for sending me my birth certificate yesterday, along with other little goodies to hold me over til she comes to see me in 2(ish) WEEKS.
What did she send me?
WW53- Cadbury Mini Eggs.
I might just have to say that Easter is becoming my favorite holiday, and it's a good thing CMEs only come out once a year. I am so in love with them. (and the Creamery better sell them, because I think I might need more... like tomorrow.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

a smallish update

So a little something to keep you up to date with my life:
Weekend:Logan was grand. When/if you go there, go to Firehouse Pizza- it's fantastic. I recommend the Ratatouille pizza with no mushrooms. Then go to the Aggie Cheese place and get some cookie dough ice cream for a measly 2 dollars! Then go rent a redbox and eat an entire box of Crunch and Munch. (yep... I think I exceeded like a week's worth of calories with that one.)
On Saturday Rachael and I went to a USU bball game. They basically have the greatest student section in the history of student sections... BYU needs to pick it up! I was so intrigued by this guy
This is Bill Sproat. He is hilarious- this guy takes off his shirt, wears different accessories each game, and totally throws off all the free throw shooters on the opposing team. It's so great!
Working out: Tonight I went on my first OUTSIDE run!!! Oh, it felt good! I missed my little route through Provo, and I think it missed me, too!
Food: today I bought chickpeas... what to do do with them, not quite sure yet. Hummus? Chickpea salad? Hmmm. Trainer momma eats them, so I figured I can, too!
OH and FYI, Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla is ambrosia. Seriously, best yogurt award goes to it.
Homework: ay ay ay I have a lot. I have to give a little presentation on this festival of Valencia though, and it makes me so excited to go to Spain!
Welcome to La Tomatina- the world's biggest food fight held every year on the last Wednesday of August. Add it to your bucket list!
Well friends, hope you've had your fill.
Til Wednesday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

mm mm good

alright people, this weather is throwing me for a loop, and since it's March 4th(forth), I reminisced about this and missed high school.
Don't worry- it's only lasted about 15 seconds tops.
I don't like that Mother Nature is giving the good people of Provo little bits and pieces of spring, then taking them back just as fast. And then replacing them with a lot of snow.
Not cool MN, not cool.
Ahhhhh but I can feel the weekend in sight. I've gotten all caught up in the homework department, and I'm headed here for the weekend.
Ahhh Logan, UT. Please don't be too snowy!!
Cannot wait to see Rachael, and all that stands between me and this lovely weekend are six hours of sleeping, three hours at the Marriott, one hour of pumping iron, and two hours of class.
.. and only 5ish weeks of class left. This is sheer beauty.
have a fabulous Fri, Sat, and Sun.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

first off, happy birthday, WW.
it's been a fun run, and quite an interesting way of making myself blog every week... even if it's the only time.
WW[fiftytwo]- when your iclicker falls on the ground, pick it up.
Sounds dumb, right? Not exactly. You see, as of late I am mourning the loss of a very costly and essential piece of equipment I use in 3/5 of my classes- that little remote that professors sneakily utilize to get you to come to class and answer A, B, C, or D.
I can no longer answer A, B, C, or D because today in Chemistry I dropped mine on the ground. Being lazy and too enveloped in my Nutrition textbook to pick it up, (can you tell what a good student I am, multitasking to meet quiz deadlines AND attending class?!) I ended up leaving it in there. I realized this unsettling fact when I was sitting in Stats, waiting for it's iclicker question... and the only reason I even go to that class, by the way. Right after class I went back to Chemistry, but much to my dismay, some dumb BYU student lacking any strand of integrity had taken it.
I'm mad... and now out about 30 bucks for a new, but really used, one.
On the bright side, today is the first day of SPAIN CLASS, which I am off to as of... now.
Happy Wednesday

ummm can I go to Spain tomorrow? Class made me so excited! And I found an iclicker to use til the end of the semester THANK YOU Kelsey.