Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

That's right, and it feels pretty dang good. ... the only things disconcerting me are the fact that the light switches in my apartment are higher up on the wall than those at my actual house, so I have to concentrate when turning on a light, and the fact that there is a disease infested furry impostor at my dwelling. I hate you, cat.
ANYWAYS, I digress. I am so glad to be home. Did I mention that I love being home? Ahh it's nice.
However, there is one little issue, a little mental note for myself for the next time I travel.
WW38- Don't forget Antonio.
You see, when I decided to come home, my phone decided to stay in Provo. He just really likes it there, I guess. I'm just fine with being disconnected for a few days, but the only problem it poses is the fact that I have a handful of friends here I am dying to see.... and currently, I have no way to get in touch with those individuals. Yes, this is when telekinesis would come in handy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bottled Euphoria

i could give Jamba Juice a run for their money with the obscenely delicious concoction I made out of yogurt, way too ripe bananas, raspberries, and my roommates strawberries. (that will be our little secret)
what makes it even better? I discovered "Peaceful Holidays" channel on Pandora. I've been raised on the "bah-on-Christmas-before-Tgiving-humbug" so I was a little apprehensive to pull out the Christmas music quite yet... but "Peaceful Holidays" doesn't have Christmas in the title. And it's instrumental.

have I ever told you how good it feels to be completely done with everything I need to do for the weekend, plus have that weekend last 5 days? Really, really good.

and now I've got 17 hours to kill before I can go home for 48 hours. sigh. I guess it's better than 47?

and hold the pumpkin pie, Mom. Through my blogging travails, I've stumbled upon this morsel. It's begging to be baked on Thanksgiving. So excited.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because my roommates left my pepper alone this time...

(last time I bought a pepper it went MIA. Freak, roommates! Those things are not cheap!)
I whipped up some stuffed pepper/ took a picture for all the world to see.
rice, onion, sunflower seeds, spices, egg, and cheese.
I love food setting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

First off, if I had any real wisdom I wouldn't be writing this. If I was truly smart I would be buried in one of my many readings or correcting my paper, but alas, I have to do something to keep myself sane... and so I blog.
Anyways, here is my latest obsession.
Most of the time the ice cream in my freezer isn't mine, but last weekend Mom and Dad came to Happy Valley for a nice little visit. It was a good time, and I enjoyed having them with me, mostly so they could see my living situation for themselves... if you know what I mean...
Anyways, seeing the barren state of my one cupboard, Mom and Dad took pity upon me, and they bought me some much needed groceries. Let's just say I milked it just a little with this purchase.
WW37- Try the Berry Granola Crunch. It is just that good.
In fact I think it is time for a little bit right now. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


sitting in some corner of this labyrinth of a library listening to classical music.
I wish I knew who the composers were so I could find some good classics to listen to... I like it! But alas, no lyrics for me to google :(
and I am owning on my American Heritage paper. The role of agency on American's Founding?
Child's play.
Only editing this paper and a Spanish test stand between me and Boise. (and 7 days.)
With that it is time for me to go run home and finish cleaning for cleaning check, go to Spanish review, go to Basketball clean up and curse all attendees for their messes, do homework, and find some space in there to breathe.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Minced Garlic

for the first time today.
This week has been so busy that I've barely had time to make peanut butter and jelly, much less some kind of real food. However, since today was Friday, my tests are done, and I've just got one more paper looming in the distance, I decided to take a little intermission and hone in on my culinary skills at lunch.
In lieu of the snow on the mountains, I decided on soup.
(And that fact that my one cupboard is lacking any other ingredients as of today..)
I googled "potato soup" when smittenkitchen let me down, and found a good little recipe for some warm goodness. 1 garlic clove, half an onion, 3 potatoes, 2 cups of vegetable broth, 1/2 cup of shredded cheese, and salt and pepper to taste later, I had a concoction in front of me the consistency and appearance of baby food.
Oh, but it was SO good. Just what I needed to end a week of insanity.
and now I am off to the gym, where I can shed the calories consumed from a few too many brownies had over the last few days. My roommate, Rachel, makes them just too well, and I swear, they are going to be my demise.

As for this weekend's agenda....
- BYU vs. Bradley Basketball opener
- Hare Krishna service project
- American Heritage paper... agency and the constitution. any suggestions?
- MOM AND DAD COME to visit and buy me groceries.
- The viola is going to be resurrected.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

ATTN: DYING! Need.... news... source....!
The Daily Universe is just about the least reputable newspaper to have ever graced the state of Utah. However, for lack of something better to read, I usually pick up a copy on my way out of Biology. I thoroughly enjoy reading the "Police Beat" which is featured on Wednesdays. My favorite story today? Here is just a little taste of Happy Valley
Nov 5- A man in his 60s and a woman in her 20s showed up at the Morris Center. They went to the back of the cafeteria where th
e woman posed provocatively while the man took her picture. An employee asked who they were and the man said he was a BYU alumnus. They were gone before the police arrived.
Oh boy.
Nov 6- A car was moved out of its original stall at Helaman Halls and was parked perpendicular to the parking spot. Police arrived and concluded that a large group of people picked up the car and moved it.
We have a high rate of crime here in Provo.
However, before I could get to the Police Beat, I had to get past one large obstacle-
David Archuleta's face plastered on the front page of the DU. Sure, I know the kid is from Utah and most of the girls who attend this University would give up a couple Friday dates to Comedy Sportz to get to one of his concerts, but really? Is there NOTHING in the world that could compete with this "news" story?
It was a good bit of comic relief to my morning.
WW36- To myself- find a real newspaper.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go Corey!

This was a month ago...
and this was today.
Corey's mission call came! My guess? Brazil or Chile. His real call?
San Jose, Costa Rica
Yes, that is right. I am jealous. But my guess was close! ..ish. Three cheers for Elder Crellin!
And that is all.. it's PD Bio, Am Heritage, & Spanish study time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

I've been craving it all day, finally had time to make it, and now I'm eating it.
WW35- Pesto Pasta
Just floss your teeth when you're done indulging :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yesterday I swallowed my retainer.
Yes, yes, go and get the laughing out now.
It was a day like any other day- I went to class, and then while running on Monday, I realized my permanent retainer on my bottom four front teeth had come uncemented on the right side. I let out a long mental "ARGHHHH!" and silently cursed my orthodontist for ruining my life with my crappy retainer and marathon invisalign. Overdramatic? Maybe a little. Anyways, I'd just get to the orthodontist sooner or later. It was still cemented to the other side, so I figured things were probably going to be alright.
About 7 hours later it was FHE time. PS I love my FHE group. Anyways, it was Battle of the Sexes/Ice Cream Brownie night. The brownies I'd made turned out pretty lamely, seeing as I was too cheap to buy a brownie mix and thought I could create my own. Rachel used her culinary arts skills (and common sense) to buy a mix and make brownies that were actually good. However, she cooked them a little long, and it was about the time I finished gnawing off a pretty crusty corner, chewed, and swallowed that I realized something was peculiar.
My mouth felt a little too good.
My teeth were a little too smooth.
My retainer a was a little too gone.
Upon realizing my retainer was missing, I jumped up, started looking for the one inch piece of metal by the ice cream container, and then came to a horrible, awful, miserable, pathetic realization. I'd swallowed it.
Everyone always tells me I eat fast. It is true. I inhale food. Every tells me I should chew more. It is true. Evidentially I chew so little that I can't even distinguish brownie from metal.
I freaked out a little, and my mom freaked out a lot. Her freaking out and telling me I was going to puncture my stomach caused my level of freaking out to spike, which in turn caused everyone at FHE to laugh at me. They all told me I would probably live to see tomorrow, but I was not so sure....
... however, here I am. Alive, kicking, registered for classes next semester, and avoiding studying for my Spanish test.
Alyssa 1, Retainer 0.

Now to find a competent orthodontist to fix my teeth before they go crooked. Eek! Life is difficult without a car... hence another reason the scooter sounds better with each passing day.