Monday, April 2, 2012

bad day gone good and other pictures

today i found out i actually have no one lined up to buy my contract for spring and summer.
i am definitely up a creek and NEEDING someone to buy my apartment. are YOU interested?
streeeeeeeeeeeess. in the words of joy the baker, "mondays are hard!"
anyways, i made friends come over and we ate pizza and things got better. 
this pizza stone thing makes all the difference. i am in love! 

these other pictures are from when my family was here the other week and we went to check out the new city creek mall and celebrate my cute cousin's birthday. looking through them makes the day a little bit better, too!

overexposed. and i like it that way :)

mid caramel apple

and just like that monday is almost over.
thank goodness. ps i still need someone to buy my contract...


The Ball Babies said...

I love the looks of that pizza! Yummmm! Totally loving your pictures as well! You capture lots of cool moments, my dear. Good luck with that bloody contract. grrrr.

Aly G said...

It was so good seeing you! Um will you come visit me and make me that delicious looking pizza?!! Yummo!! Everything will work out!! Love ya!