Thursday, July 3, 2008


So yep, that's what I've been up to the last week. Glorious college trips. When I tell people I went on college trip I usually get the response of, "college what?" So I'll give you the definition of it.

college trip (co'lle'ge trip)- The act of driving to far away universities, getting escorted around in a golf cart to see campuses, eating sick cafeteria food, and then almost having it come back up when tuition costs and handed over. See time consuming, recruiting videos, and Asian tour guides. :)

My dad and I began our journey at 4:30 in the morning on Monday morning. at...
Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah, which is a beautiful little college town. The whole reason we had to get up at 4:30 was to make it to our campus tour at 10:15. Well, with a little help from me driving 79 (only when Dad was sleeping, of course) and only one bathroom break, we made it. First we went to an informational seminar, followed by a campus tour, then a housing tour, lunch in the cafeteria, and then a meeting with an academic adviser. I really liked Utah State, mainly because it was small, everything was close together, (the dorms are literally 30 seconds from the buildings) and the location is absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
The academic advising session was interesting.. right now my future plans are to become a dentist, so to do that I have to major in Biology.But anyways, lets just say this whole meeting was a very rude awakening, and in an instant alllllll my ignorance about the degree being an easy one to achieve had vanished. Between taking Bio 450285, Bio 20348, Bio 29342342, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry 03285, Chemistry 30453, Chemistry 12313, Calculus, and such, MAN I was feeling a little dizzy.
After the school, we drove to SLC to stay the night. We wanted to go swimming really bad outside, so we found the classiest 4 star hotel we could.. the glorious Motel 6! Right when we got inside, a wave of "What the ___ were we thinking?" rushed over us. The place smelled like the shampoo we bathe Griffey in, the carpet was wet, and when my dad pulled down the covers on his bed, he found that somebody had been eating something on the bed, cuz there were crumbs all in the sheets. SICK. We looked at each other, looked at the bed, looked at eachother, and I said, "uh... Dad, should we tell them?" And after some debating, we decided that we would just tough it out.. we figured if we told maintainance they might give us WORSE sheets. Oh sick. So, we hurried to get our suits on, went out to the pool and tried not to think about our ghetto room from Hell.. at the low price of 55$ a night! :) And it didn't even bother me that much.. I just wore sweats, socks, and a sweatshirt to bed. And every time I woke up to find any part of my flesh on the sheets, I would hurry to whip it off. And I think everything worked out, cuz I'm not dead yet!
Located on a hill in Salt Lake City, Utah, our journey at this school began in finding the dang place! However, we finally did, and then we went to a meeting about tuition, scholarships, and such. Then we did a campus tour, and that was followed by me and my dad trying to find the dorms, which are located on a hill up above the campus. Wow. It is like a vertical drive up, and I'm not too hip on this... it would take 5 seconds to get to class, but 30 minutes to get back to the dorms after class! So anyways, the thing I did like about the school was the location, but I am having difficulties getting over the fact that the living quarters are so far away.. and that there is only one closet in each room! (Not good for two girls to share one little closet. )
After this school, we went to Provo to see

BYU is really nice. When we got there we were given a tour via golf cart, which was a nice break, cuz I was feeling like a wimp and didn't want to be walking! But anyways, the campus is nice, the tuition is low, (I guess? Thats what I'm told, however I don't consider 1700 a semester very "low" :D) and they have some good study abroad programs. After the tour I went to Heritage Halls to visit my friends, Emily Scoggin and Jill Terry, who are going to the summer session. They told me how much they love it, so thats good. They all introduced me to their room mates, and we walked around campus and played some serious Catch Phrase. Oh the college life!
After this school, we went to my grandma Virchow's house to visit the family, and seek lodging in her house. :) No more ghetto hotels for us! In the morning I got up early to get my hair done, my miracle worker Teressa, and then we headed out for....

Located in Rexburg, Idaho, BYUI is kind of like another world... full of "living quarters approved for young women", pregnant women, and suit coats. That about sums it up! We went to an informational tour guided golf cart ride, and they gave me a free shirt, which I was pretty stoked about. Pretty sure me and my father looked out of place though... he was wearing shorts (don't faint) and that is pretty much not allowed at the school, and I was wearing some nice purple velour pants... don't judge me, okay? The tour was nice, the campus is nice, and the people are nice. But that is about it... I kind of decided no for BYUI when they told me the boy to girl ratio is 1 boy to 3 girls. That means there are only 25% boys and 75% girls. Honestly? haha

So, thats college trip. I learned some stuff, but I still don't know where I want to go to school.. or how I am going to fund it! :) Oh well, it was fun, and a good experience.

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The Ball Babies said...

They all sound good lyss(except for BYU Idaho, no boys? yuck.). But i do see what you mean about the no closet space at university of Utah. The dorms are pretty small. Have fun in Idaho Falls.