Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can Bruises Have Bruises?

All I have to say is that in response to my last post, Mom, I am glad you taught me how to plow, for it seemed like that was the reoccurring theme of skiing yesterday. Well... I guess it is closely followed by wrecking and losing my skis an upwards of 5-6 times every run, but hey, the plowing saved me quite a few times.
Our adventure began early Tuesday. 8 AM, that is, when Cloey and I arrived at Timberline to catch the bus up to Bogus. The roads weren't too bad, so we got up to Bogus around 10. 48 dollars later I was zipping up my snow pants, (courtesy of Melissa Morales) strapping into my skis, (courtesy of the Scoggin Family) and adjusting my goggles (courtesy of the Hardy's). We road the lift up to the bunny hill, and after a small lesson on turning, Cloey let me go. Well, the first run was alright- in fact, the first couple were alright. It was when Cloey decided I'd graduated to the next lift up when I began having issues... and swearing like a sailor. Oh, Sourdough Run. It's shaped like a bowl, and this is where I began my theme of "wipeout". I struggled down, and Cloey followed behind so when I messed up and flew down the mountainside, she could retrieve my poles (sometimes skis) while trying to muffle her uncontrollable laughter, which echoed through the hills. It was definitely an experience. However, falling on the mountain was not the only place I had issues. I had problems even standing, getting my skis to cooperate while in the lift line, and I was just was happy that my goggles hid 3/4 of my face!
However hellish all that might have sounded, my skills got a little better after lunch. We decided to try another run a lift down: "Sunshine". The fog rolled in, so it was kind of hard to see, but I began to feel a little more comfortable with those foreign objects on my feet. I lowered my falling average to about 3-4 times a run, and hey, I was just glad to make it out alive. Here's a video of my skill on Sushine.
Around 4 we met up with some friends, and did a couple runs with them. Overall, it was a really fun day, and I am stoked to continue to conquer the slopes, which I will do in the future, however near or very extremely far away that is! We returned home around 6, and a shower, 3 ibuprofen, and some lasagna, I was asleep by 8. I don't think I've done that since I was, oh, maybe 8? I woke up this morning with everything hurting, but oh, I would and will do it all again.

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The Ball Babies said...

Cloey's last look is the way I felt when I left you at the bus stop. AAAHHHH

Glad you were able to document your skills. Had I done that, you would have seen ancient skis, levi 501s instead of ski pants, a walkman on my head listening to Def Leppard, and huge-o sunglasses to block the glare of the sun as it hit the slopes of Sundance ski resort in 1983.