Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008

It is so strange how the hours, days, weeks seem to pass. It seems that just yesterday it was the last day of 1999, and I was sporting my Old Navy Millenium shirt and painting my entire hands with glitter nail polish, while partying at the Millingtons... how hard it was to make it all the way to midnight without any naps, and now, here I am nine years later at almost 4 in the morning, on the verge of being 18, and wondering where the days went. Sometimes it felt like life would never change. Sometimes I never wanted it to. However, like I have been told, the only thing that doesn't change IS change. I think people enjoy New Years because it is pseudochange- something they know WILL change. It is constant and reliable, which defeats the definition of "change", but I digress. 2008 was a year of much change, some of it being this good and reliable kind, and some of it turning life on a dime, making my head spin faster than necessary.
So, in honor of 2008, here are the top 8 things that impacted my life LAST year.

1. Girls State- Oh, I will never forget the lessons I learned here at geeky politics camp

2. Close Up- Washington DC let me get away from Boise, meet kids from around the US, and express my feelings while visiting the amazing capital.

3. Sara Shields- her passing affected me & my views on life and the unity of a team.

4. Barak Obama's election- Whether you agree with him or not, his historic election will not soon be forgotten.

5. AP Biology Testing- I studied for 25 hours one weeked for this test, and earned myself a 4 on the test. This just really showed me that hard (very hard) work can pay off greatly.

6. My family- They are the one constant I have in my life & when things are not working out, they are there and ready to listen

7. Senior Year- it's been interesting, and not something I will soon forget.. and it's only half over!

8. College Prep. It's really weird getting ready for the next chapter of my life, but I am ready.

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The Ball Babies said...

I enjoyed reading your top 8 remembrances of '08 - but, hey, did you remember your first run at Robie Creek with your mom??? I remember that and I also remember the comment of "that's it???" That will be one of my top '08 moments! Hope you had a fun "Rockin' New Year's Eve"!