Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break. For REAL

You've waited. I'm delivering.
Here is the recap!
Last Friday we embarked on our Spring Break adventure. The 20th, to be precise, and my birthday. (To be even more precise.) Our first stop was in Idaho Falls, ID to celebrate and to paint my grandma's basement. We drove there in the morning, ate my very favorite thing, Olive Garden's Endless Salad, Soup, and Bread sticks, and then later that night my family surprised me with a party at Leo's Place. Seriously, the best place ever- it was like a cross between Chuck E. Cheese and a public restroom.The guest of honor
Saturday was spent painting Grandma Ball's basement. Lex and I thought it would be fun, and much more special, if we wore some nice muscle shirts.

It was quite the time, let me tell you!
Sunday morning was spent at Eric Roisum's mission farewell. He leaves for the MTC April 8th, and is serving in the Rosario, Argentina mission. I'm so excited for him... and jealous. I've been trying to learn Spanish for 5 years, and pretty sure he will learn it in 3 months. Honestly! Anyways, Elder Roisum is going to be a great missionary, and those Argentine people will absolutely LOVE him.
After the farewell, we departed for UTAH.

When we left, it was basically a blizzard outside, but it turned out nicely- like the picture shows. Plus, Mom and I decided that we like driving from IF to Springville A LOT more than going from Boise to Springville. It seems way shorter.. well, maybe cuz it is.
The rest of Sunday was spent with the family, eating dinner, relaxing. It was a good Sunday!
Monday began by working out with Ashlee at Gold's Gym. Yeah, it was the only day we went there, seeing as they wanted to charge us 10$ each for a visitor's pass. It was lame, and we don't need no stinking gym! :)
After working out we went to Chuck E. Cheese to watch all the small ones play games, and then to JCW's- the Burger Place my family loves for some reason. Okay, they have good and HUGE shakes, but my grilled cheese was not that superb.
After eating, Teressa, Carter, and I went to the salon to fix my hair. NOTE TO SELF: Never get the crazy notion to dye your hair almost black again, Alyssa. No matter HOW hard Lex tries to get you to!

Ahhh it is good to be my good ol' blonde self again.
Tuesday came and went pretty quickly! We spent the whole day doing what we do best in Utah, whether I like it or not- Shopping. And I don't think that needs any further explanation.
On Wednesday I was supposed to get my senior pictures taken in Salt Lake, but because the weather just didn't want to cooperate, they were postponed until Friday. Since we were plan-less for the day, I spent much of it watching TLC with Kourtni.

We did finally go to Walmart, and here is Kourt, Linds, and myself showing our new hair.
We then ate dinner, took a pic for posterity, and went bowling at Fat Cat's.

Now THAT was a sight to behold, I am sure. Since our whole crew was there after 9 PM, we got to do some cosmic bowling, and it was just grand seeing all my aunts and cousins belting Def Leppard. Sometimes I wonder what exactly people think when they see 15+ kids and 4 or 5 women who basically look the same. But the I remember that we're in Utah. :)
And, why yes! I did get a strike off of this move dripping with technique.
Thursday I woke up to this.

However, that didn't stop me from going to BYU for the day with Emily. I met her in the morning, and tagged along for Art History. What an experience! The room was so dark I couldn't believe everyone was staying awake, but the class was pretty interesting, so I guess that is how everyone stays wide eyed?
After class I joined back up with the family, and we walked around the BYU Art Museum, I bought some I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Some guy thought it would be a good idea to park real close to my Mom.
And her true colors shown through. Don't get Kris mad! She'll write you a NASTY note. Maybe even call you a loser once or twice. :)

Later Thursday I went back to hang out with Emily and her collegiate friends. Oh. I can't wait to go to the Y.
Friday was our BIG day. For one, it was not raining or snowing, so our moods were good. The kids were all excited cuz we were going to Boondocks, and we were all stoked for the night, when we would meet cute MAX!
After spending the morning at Boondocks, Mom and I had to take a trip to SLC to get my senior pics taken. If you haven't gotten yours yet and will be in the SLC area anytime soon, go get them done by Sara Boulter. I got them done in the downtown SLC area, and this is the only one I have right now.. but there should be more in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

After pictures, we made a quick stop at IKEA to buy a few home essentials, and then it was off to Aunt Aly's house to meet Jared, Amanda, and Max!

As you can see, my aunts couldn't get enough of him!

And quite frankly, I don't blame them! He is just too cute.
The rest of Friday was just spent hanging out with the family, taking lots of pictures, and relaxation. Oh- and Little Caesar's 5$ Pizzas. It's tradition. :)

We came back to Boise on Saturday. Spring Break was extremely fun, and I'm glad I could go see my favorite people in the world. I am so blessed to have such great friends and family in IF and UT. :)


Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with you and your fun family! We can't wait until you are here at BYU. Oh, and
I love the picture of you at the Salon getting your hair done with the toilet seat in the back ground.
Love ya! Teressa

The Ball Babies said...

I agree with Teressa, the toilet seat is the bomb!
Now I don't have to post anything on my blog, I can just put a link on mine and everyone can go to your post! Awesome! (You're a much better writer anyway.)

Lindsay Lou said...

You covered everything.... accept for the part about Kourtni being Lady Ga Ga.(and why did you put that ugly picture of me at Wal Mart?:( )