Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

This year has been busy, hectic, stressful, and crazy. So, here is my advice
Yep, that is right.
I am currently basking in the last Spring Break of my life, seeing as BYU doesn't believe in a break for their students. Like every other year, this break has been spent in Orem, Provo, Springville, and hopefully Salt Lake City, Utah.
It has been DELIGHTFUL.
I've never really been a fan of Utah, however, for some reason, SB will always be associated with hair cuts, ice cream, trips to the mall, and movies.
Let me tell you... my days are pretty productive. Today I made it all the way to Walmart to buy a flat iron after watching probably 3 or 4 hours of TLC. (Who does that?!) Anyone who knows me would say that those are two activities I do not participate in often, but I guess when in Utah, do as the Utahns do. :) Heck- I don't have to think about anything, and I can just focus on laughing with all my aunts and cousins, whom I absolutely adore.
We'll be here until Saturday, and the rest of this week will be filled with BYU and my personal guide, Emily, Senior Pictures, meeting baby Max, and crossing my fingers for less rain.
And when I get home I will post pics of Idaho Falls; painting, mission farewells, and birthday, and Utah. Be excited.


Ashlee said...

What about your 100+ bowling score tonight??? :P You have to admit watching your mom and Teressa do the moon walk and sing every hit 80's song while bowling was pretty eventful!!

Holly said...

I wish I'd been able to see you this week Alyssa. :( You constantly amaze me. You know so much more about the world around you than I ever did as a senior in high school. You are going to love college. Just know I love you and I am proud of you!