Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Rundown...

So this is for Rachel, Heather, Jessica, Angela, and my other roommate- who hasn't been inducted into Robison yet. Ha! Anyways, for everyone else (Yes, you, Diana) you probably already know all this. So bare with me. :)
Dear roommates-
I figured this would be the easiest way for you to get to know me! So, here we go. The life of Alyssa!
So this is ME- my name is Alyssa, most people call me LyssI live in Boise, Idaho and LOVE IT!
This is my family.. Dad, Me, Payton, Lindsay, Kourtni, and Mom

I've lived in Boise my whole life- my Dad is from eastern Idaho, my mom is from Springville, UT. I go to Timberline High School- go Wolves- and can't WAIT to GRADUATE! (19 days left..) I can't wait to graduate so much that I have been counting down the days since the 1st day of senior year. In fact, when kids want to know how much more school is left, they come to ME first... I have a paper chain in my room that has been there since January. It's great.
My hobbies are basically running, facebook-ing, riding my cruiser bike, hanging out with my friends, anything and everything outdoors, and writing. Ha- as you can see I really like to write about anything and everything.
My favorite foods are peanut butter(I eat it with a spoon), ice cream, and smoothies, and burritos. I'm a vegetarian, and I haven't eaten meat in 2 years.. I just don't like the taste & texture.
Basically I just like having a good time.. I LOVE doing anything with them, and we usually find dumb things to do, like feed ducks, race in shopping carts, go roller blading, tie dye, hang out at the river, ect.
What else... I'm a huge fan of music- I saw none of you like Country.. darn. I love it. hahaha but no I love all types of music- my very favorites are Coldplay, RHCP, Matt Costa, Brett Dennen, Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Death Cab For Cutie, Andrew Bird, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Stephen Marley, 311, Josh Ritter, Dave Matthews Band, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Built To Spill, ect.
Oh gosh.. what else.. I love the Spanish language. I've been studying it 5 years, and really want to become fluent!
So, I am drawing a blank on what else to tell you.. if you want to know more, just find me on facebook, twitter, or e-mail me. Can't wait for August! :)

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