Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Well, this WW was sparked by this theory I have crafted and aged to perfection.
WW11 Listen To My Theory
There are two types of people in this world:
Those who live by the mechanical pencil & Those who do not.

So I started thinking about this awhile back, and it was just cemented into my brain Monday when I was sitting in Stats. You see, I sit by this really smart girl who I like to sideways stare at while she, in her perfect handwriting, writes in her good-as-new agenda and using her mechanical pencil. Not only does she use her mechanical pencil, but she also has a MECHANICAL ERASER! She is one of the kids that bends over during a test and whispers, "psst! Do you have any .5 lead?" To which another mechanical pencil kid whispers back, "sorry, I only have .7!"
This is the type of thing I laugh at. Every time. I am definitely not a mechanical pencil kid. In fact, while my wood pencils usually look like they were possessed by a rabid dog before me. Despite this, I kinda pride myself on the fact that I didn't even buy school supplies this year. My pencils NEVER have erasers, are frequently shorter than my ring finger, and say things like, "Olentangy Indian Caves" or "Student of the Month". They've got character.
So that is my thought for the day.. what type are you? A high maintanance, but usually neat and together, (and smart) Mechanical Pencil Kid, or a low maintainance, probably-should-take-more-pride-in-your-work-and-erase-the
-smudges Wood Pencil Kid?

However, I must say that I only have 21 more days of worrying about having pencils... for next year I will be a different kind of kid.. A LAPTOP KID! :)


Diana said...

I believe we are polar opposites my dear friend haha.

Aly G said...

Is it lame to say i am a little of both? If a mechanical pencil is around great, but it usually is out of led, so the good ol wood ones are the safest bet! Alyssa you are soooooooooo smart, you little deep thinker you!