Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well, if my last post wasn't a bit of a downer

I don't know what is! 
Let me lighten the mood with a story I am sure you will enjoy. It has to do with the day of our nation's independence, explosives, and narcotics. Yes, you are in for a good time. 
Our story begins at the end of the Fourth Of July. That's right, firework time! In Idaho Falls, everyone, their dog, and their grandma comes out for the festivities. Some people camp out by the river to stake out their firework viewing spot for days prior to the 4th, but those people definitely do not not include my friends. This is
 why we were really surprised to stumble upon a stretch of green coveted grass in a sea of blankets and Old Navy 4th of July Tshirts last night. Without a second thought we pounced upon it, laid out our blankets, and set up camp.

 As we got settled, we suddenly heard a booming voice spouting colorful words.... at a small child, telling him to "please let his father know where he was going before he left" to put it in nice terms- let me tell you, by the tone of this guy's voice, even we thought maybe we should tell him where we were going before we left the blanket! Feeling a bit uncomfortable, we all looked at each other and panned our surroundings. While walking to the river and people watching earlier, I had jokingly commented that IF was 98% Mormon and 2% Riff- Raff- I sensed some irony as my eyes settled upon this sign.
We were amid crack babies and meth heads. However, it was no big deal for us- we just kept a close eye on our belongings, ignored the chiding of the mulleted man behind us, and enjoyed coexisting. In fact, some of them even invited us to an underground rap concert!
and we were safe because we had Chayden to protect us
And in the end the fireworks were great... as the "fireworks" setting on my camera clearly shows.
Definitely a memorable 4th of July.

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