Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

It is official- I am a pool rat. I have the becomings of green tinged hair to prove it, and it seems all my swimsuits and towels will be forever damp and hanging on my door knob. We do not have a pool in which I can swim, so I found a new way...
WW19- Steal Pool Keys.
Whoa, whoa hold on. Before you think I am some kleptomaniac, just listen for a minute. So the family I babysit for a lot moved to Oklahoma, and I was in charge of cleaning the house. Upon cleaning, I stumbled upon their coveted Surprise Valley pool key. Without a second thought I swept it into my hand and clicked it on my key ring. I had to- either I took it and got some use out of it, or it would just sit and gather dust.
Dust is the last thing this key has had to worry about.
I've been milking my access to the pool for all it's worth, for as my skin gets darker and my hair turns greener, I know the day of reckoning is coming.
The new family moves here next week, and I have a feeling I'll have to return the key to it's rightful owner. Oh well... it's been fun. :) So if anyone's up for going to Surprise Valley until next week, you know who to call!
Diana and I take full advantage of our VIP Access. :)

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Rachael Diane said...

just keep it ha. no one needs to know that they didn't take it to OK with them.