Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Picture this:
Eyelids closed, blankets around your cheeks, light streaming in through a window whose rays you cannot see, but can feel. Waking up naturally, opening your eyes, and realizing you are in your own bed. You're home.
That is what I experienced Saturday morning as I began my first weekend homebound from college. Ahhhh it was great. I mentally jotted some of my objectives for this particular weekend as Courtney and I drove to the city of trees Friday night. They were
1. To eat too much. Check.
2. To go to the gym to counteract all the ingestion. Check.
3. To sleep all I wanted and wake up natural
ly every morning. Check.
4. To hang out with the family and do what they did. Check.
Sometimes the simple expectations are the easiest to meet! Labor day weekend was splendid in all these facets, plus more.
Saturday was full of Payton's football, fast food, bi
rthday shopping, much time spent in the car, and a party at the Hruby's house.
Sunday was Mom's 29th Birthday. We celebrated all day by doing what she loves best- going to church! However, we had to open presents, first. This was her favorite gift ever in the history of her 29 years.
the Snuggie. In fact, not only was it a Snuggie, it was zebra. Let's just say Kourtni has the best worst birthday present ideas ever.
After church, we ate some good dinner, she was showered with more gifts from a plethora of adoring friends, and we ate cake- not any kind of cake, though... better than ANYTHING cake!
We proceeded to take some more pictures...
(ps. my head isn't really that big.. I was just way further forward than everyone else, alright?)
It was great. To wrap up the celebrating, Lindsay, Mom, and I did Mom's other favorite thing ever- go on a long walk/trek/10 k. She is not human. However, it was a good time, and shout out to Mom- You're great. I love you! ... and your protein powder you insisted I take back to school spilled all over the back of Courtney's car.

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The Ball Babies said...

Uh oh...Sorry about the protein powder. Her seats will be lean in no time...haha
It was so good to have you home with us again! Normal family stuff again. Glad you accomplished all you set out to do for the weekend! Love you!