Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

There is one thing I look forward to every Wednesday- Eric sends me letters.
Every single Wednesday I wake up, check the mail, and there it is, without fail. His English gets worse every single week, but his stories get better and better.... for instance, losing all his stuff in the airport, racing drunk guys so they'll listen to his message, or getting hit on in church.
Before I go any further, I should probably clear up who this person is. I met Eric Roisum about... oh, 4ish years ago through my cousin in Idaho Falls. We hit it off, and to this day I consider him one of my best friends. Right now he is serving an LDS mission in Rosario, Argentina, where everyone there loves him. (Well, that's what he says..)
Anyways, my wisdom of the day...
WW28- Write to missionaries
I think college is making me a little more self centered, sadly, because I am constantly thinking about my own desires. It's good to hear from someone who is on a completely different tangent of life-doing service and loving every minute of it, not thinking of himself, and carrying out the Lord's work for the well-being of Argentina. It's refreshing.

... and with that note, I am off to buy Bob Dylan- or a poster of him, that is. BYU is having a poster sale, and I've been thinking about him all day... I couldn't decide if he was worth 7.50, so I hid him behind John Lennon. Cross your fingers that it was meant to be and that he is still there! :)

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The Ball Babies said...

So an Argentinian (spelling?) hit on Elder Roissum? Hmmm! You know what they say about those Latin American women. (I'm not sure what they say, actually...)

I'm glad he's so consistent with those letters! It's fun to get mail, huh?