Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

I used to hate buying food... college has changed that. One of the highlights of my week now is going to the grocery store and buying basically the same thing every week- frozen rasberries, yogurt, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, corn, refried beans, granola bars, my favorite guilty pleasure- milk chocolate chocolate chips, and cereal. And finding the cereal I want is always the hardest part. The other night while at Walmart, Logan and I paced up and down the cereal aisle for a good 10 minutes while I weighed all my possible options... did I want Life? The 8 dollar must-be-laced-with-gold-flakes- granola, or something else? Logan helped, throwing suggestions back, but nothing seemed to work. It was so hard to make a decision... but maybe I should account for the fact that it was midnight. Anyways, Logan got sick of me staring blankly at the Kellogg varieties, so he did something that everyone should do. He walked up the the Walmart stocker and said, "Hey... do you have any cereal recommendations?"
Stocker- "What?"
Logan- "my friend can't decide what cereal to buy, she's been standing here for like 20 minutes, and I thought it might be in your expertise. What do you suggest?"
It is now that the stocker understands and gets all "knowledgeable" about his cereal. He talks about his favorites and then BAM like a bolt of lightning it's clear.
Stocker- "Well, I really like Raisin Bran... have you ever had Raisin Bran Crunch? It's delicious!"
I decide to take a leap of faith with Walmart guy and get the Raisin Bran Crunch. And guess what? It is the best cereal ever. I love it. Where has this stuff been all my life? I am seriously wondering if everyone has known about it this whole time and no one bothered to tell me about it's deliciousness. Walmart guy and I recommend it.
WW32- Ask for Walmart Employee Recommendations. and if you're feeling adventures go here and laugh a little. :)

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