Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wisdom Wednesday

WW41- sell yourself to PDBio for 7 hours straight.
Ohhhh boy finals week has been quite the interesting experience. So far things have gone pretty well, and I didn't have too much trouble finding motivation to study for my tests
... that is until PDBio came to town. I am not exactly a fan of that class. And the final was going to count for 35% of my grade.
Sounds delightful, eh?
Seeing as I had limited time left this week to take the test, I dragged myself to the library today, studied for a good 5 hours, cramming tidbits of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, transcription, meiosis, and evolution into limited spaces in my brain. Following my study session, I hightailed it to the testing center, where I took it for 2 hours, and squeaked out with a 78... just good enough for me to maintain a B!
Victory is sweet. The end is near! Only one more test, 2 more nights in my freezing dorm room, and a many hours of packing and cleaning separate me from HOME!

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The Ball Babies said...

Congratulations! What a sweet feeling of relief, huh?