Thursday, January 14, 2010

It pays to tweet

I spy with my little eye.... MY NAME!
that's right, I was chosen as the slab pizza follower of the day today on twitter, and that meant me + Logan + free pizza = dinner.
It was huge. You just can't tell in this picture...
and it tasted like cardboard, but alas, that didn't stop me from eating 4 pieces.
I love me some free food.
now it's off to Gold's to run off those some calories and get some abs!

PS- today I learned about nutrient density in my nutrition class. I am now obsessed with calculating the nutritiousness of my food.
I also learned that chocolate chips aren't not very nutrient dense. Seeing as I am currently addicted to them, it was a sad realization.


emily scoggin said...

i'm a big fan of the pen behind your ear. haha.

Lindsay Lou said...

haha thats cool. did you know that dominoes pizza is actually good now? it is.