Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

sitting at the 2nd table in the 2nd row of the library, in periodicals. This is the only place in the l(aberinth)ibrary I can find without getting lost.
listening to pandora- Zooey Deschannel, to be exact. It's delightful
Thinking about my lack of fruits and vegetables in my kitchen/diet this week
and my bladder is screaming... but the bathroom is too far.

Plus, I've got a seriously daunting task before me. It's called make heads or tails of 5 syllabi.
WW44- read/write down assignments so I get good grades for this semester.
Spanish, Chemistry, Nutrition, Book of Mormon, and Psychology..... prepare to meet your match.

Oh, and happy new year, people. I would have written a nice fancy post about my new years resolutions, but I am still in the process of concocting good ones. Right now all I've got is to drink more water. However.... after having a nice H2o bottle for about 4 days, I've already lost it. And drinking all this water makes me really have to pee.

Oh, and prepare for an idea steal... it's about to go down. I saw a 2009 in review blog, and I thought it was a good idea. If no one reads it but me, it'll be okay... I just need to dump out my brain and make sure I actually did things of worth through 09. Here goes!
January- Crafted a paper chain to finish the days of high school & succeeded in sporting extremely dark hair. I though it was a "good idea".
February- My days hinged on Boys' basketball and anticipating college acceptance.
March- Spring Break= Eighteen + luggage + fixing that January "good idea".
April- Robie Creek 1/2... boy oh boy
May- Met the Silver Bullet. Ended public education
June- Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I would put more !, but I think you get the idea) !!! (there, that's enough)
July- Moved to Utah and vegged all day, planning my days around Pilates at Gold's
August- Janitor/ Pre College glee
September- BAM. Hello, BYU
October- Continued the collegiate-ness... and cooked. A lot. (mmmm pumpkin)
November- T-Giving and 48 hours in Boise. Highlight of the month
December- CHRISTMAS. and finals. and 16 days (384 hours) in Boise.

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