Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

January is a pretty dreary month- everyone knows that.
However, my January this year has actually not sucked that much!
Probably because things like this happen.
WW 47-Meet Slice.
Alright, if you stalk me enough, you know I work my fair share of morning shifts at the Marriott Center, and it's a little.... dull. I think that basically goes without saying.
Anyways, you might wonder who this pizza mascot is/ what he's doing at the Marriott Center early in the morning etc, etc. Well, Slice is the Papa John's pizza mascot who goes to all the basketball games, and gives free pizza to a random row of students during each game.
Anyways, Slice lives in the cheerleading storage room in the Marriott, and one day when we were cleaning up, Jill and I found Slice! We jumped for joy! It was the best thing that had happened to us all day! (Granted, it was probably 6:30 AM) Anyways, she persuaded me to put on the costume, and right as she went to take a picture with her camera, her phone died. It was such a sad day!
HOWEVER. Our luck changed last week, when again we were cleaning first level. This time Jill's phone was ready to capture this choice image. So I did it- I jumped in the pizza costume, we snapped a pic, and right as I was taking off the costume my manager walked it.
This was the best part- you see, the managers at the Marriott could care less what we are doing as long as we are out of their sight most days. They hardly ever come check on us, and so when Dale walked in and said, "is that a pizza I see?" it was totally unexpected. We just laughed, he shook his head, and then left. Probably to go finish his Big Gulp.
Oh Marriott Center- we should make a movie.


Diana Cook said...

Bahahahahhaha LOVE IT! :]]

The Ball Babies said...

Haha! You gotta love a boss who has a sense of humor and a job where there is a pizza costume laying around! You're so lucky.