Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

So the other day I came to this sort of big realization.
Spain= less than 3 months away. 84 days.
Crazy, eh? I think so.
Something even crazier, you might ask?
I am so excited to see them all- and especially Kourtni's teeth... no more braces :) This weekend will be a great one- I've got almost all my homework-ish stuff done, I'm ditching school on Friday, and Ashlee is getting married! Yay! As for wisdom......
I could write about this:
meet recycling mountain. I am chief recycler in Bowen 11, but I keep forgetting/being too lazy to make the trek out to the recycling bin, so as for now, we'll all have to deal with the landmark in the corner.. it's nice scenery.
But instead, I'll write about THIS!
WW48- Great Boise minds think alike.
to make a very long story short, Emily and I basically were twins the other day... it was so funny, but really, what can you say when you've got style like ours? She's a nice, constant little piece of the city of trees in the city of... bees? haha

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