Friday, April 30, 2010

Day Three

Ayyy después de un día llena de español, es muy difícil cambiar y hablar en inglés, and it's only been two days. Wow this place is crazy, but first thing's first.

bienvenidos a la tapa
Here in Spain, the food is important. So are friends. So are drinks. So is talking. So, because all these things are super importante, es necesario to combine them into what we like to call las tapas.
Basically las tapas is not just a food, but a lifestyle. The people here eat a small breakfast, a large lunch around 2:30, and dinner usually isn't until around 10:30 or 11 PM, and between lunch and dinner, is the prime time for las tapas. You go to a bar, order a round of drinks with sus amigos, and then feast on a variety of small sandwiches, or another small appetizer. You eat, and then talk.... for a very long time. Today when a couple friends and I went in for a round of tapas y límonada, our mesero (waiter) didn't come back with any prying questions of "how is everything" or "can I bring you anything else?" after he'd brought us our food. In fact, after chatting for over an hour, we are the ones who had to ask to see the check. I could get used to this lifestyle!

Other observations:
Los viejos.
For every young person here on the streets of Alcalá, there are at least four older people over the age of 65. They are EVERYWHERE, especially at night, walking through La Plaza de Cervantes arm in arm, sitting in a bar with their friends enjoying tapas, and buying gifts at the many stores on the streets of downtown. None are extremely overweight, and none are sitting home in front of la televisión. (that is done at mealtimes... we've got one about 2 feet from the table. Today during la cena it was Miss Congeniality haha) They definitely don't appear to be suffering from hypertension, diabetes, or any disease plaguing their counterparts in America.

The mullet.
It must have never died here. Over half the men here have a mullet, along with the little chicos... que buenisimo.

Los fumadores.
Everybody smokes. People light up at every corner, and the city smells faintly of cigarrette smoke and perfume... In fact, for complete convenience, there is even a maquina de fumar in the bar. Go figure.
and my final observation for the day:
Los bebes.
All the babies here look the same. Fat, always sleeping, and adorable. Sorry, no photos at this time, I didn't really feel like asking, "perdón, puedo sacar un foto de su bebe?" not sure how that would go over. They are beautiful, though. I have yet to see an ugly one. Plus, they have the coolest carriages on this side of the Atlantic. Seriously, the Lexuses of all baby transportation.

and now it's off to bed, for tomorrow is the day to venture into Madrid and see some Running of the Bulls Madrid style. Oh, and I just ate sheep cheese- queso de oveja. It was interesting, but I love me whatever cheese I can find.


The Ball Babies said...

Wow! Thanks for posting and putting pictures on! So did you like your sandwiches? What was in them? How has breakfast been? How is your bed? Have you acclimated to the different time change? Do you have jet lag? When can we skype and see your surroundings? I know, I know, not so many questions. But I am curious and very interested in knowing what my daughter is doing!!! Love ya!

Have a great time in Madrid tomorrow!

Lindsay Lou said...

That is really cool! I've been trying to understand your words and I actually can a little bit! Yeah well Espana seems really cool and I hope you have lots of fun. Seeya later :)

D said...

I like your very nice observations ha.
Oh and yesterday i was talking to my brother on the phone and i i was looking at your blog and told him and then he started reading it....and he will probably keep reading your blog from now on. haha