Monday, April 26, 2010

down to the wire

let the countdown commence.
I've got 40 hours until departure and a 50 lb limit on my suitcase.... to be cut down to 20 lbs when Spain ends and backpacking begins. What does one pack? Do I take running shoes? Cards? Sheets for hostel beds? What do you take to your Spanish family as a peace offering? Not sure See's chocolates will compete with the Spanish variety.
All I know, is that in less than two days I am OUT of Provo. Seriously, is there life after Europe?

and PS I stumbled upon this section of a "going to Spain" to do list online, and I just couldn't help myself.

  • turn off water
  • empty and de-frost fridge
  • contact somebody to water plants and collect your post
  • arrange to have pets looked after
  • empty all waste-baskets, garbage, etc.
I am currently accepting takers for any of these fine positions. :)
but really... I do need my plant(s) watered.

hasta pronto

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