Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Twenty Nine

What a day, what a day!
After another class full of art history and architecture this morning, I came home and did all my laundry.
Yep. That's my underwear.
Not gonna lie... I really liked hanging it all on the clothesline. Too bad when you take your clothes off they are stiff as a board.
For lunch today, Pili put out the rest of the salad, (she aims to please) a spinach tortilla, and some spring rolls- rolitos de primavera con salsa dulce. It was a good little lunch.
After lunch, our group met at the station to go do baptisms at the Madrid Temple. I was so excited... until we got on the train and I realized I didn't have my temple recommend (the little piece of paper from your bishop stating that you can go into the temple). Luckily, we had just pulled out the station and were ahead of time, so I was able to hop off at the next stop, retrace my steps back to Alcalá, and find that pesky little slip of paper before our appointment at 6!
The temple was great- it's nothing grand or majestic from the outside, but instead blends in well to the surrounding buildings with it's red brick walls and simple form. The inside, however, is BEAUTIFUL, and I wouldn't mind at all getting married there... Mom, Dad? How about flying the wedding party out to Madrid algún día? hehe
We didn't finish our baptisms til around 9ish, so obviously everyone was starving. Since there was a churro shack right on the corner of the street, we all decided to stop there to get a little something. I got a churro covered in chocolate- basically just a big chocolate covered donut, and it was great- I probably downed that thing in 20 seconds. After eating we hopped back on the Renfe, and it was back to Alcalá again, where I showered, ate my own egg sandwich creation, and now am contemplating finishing homework. ...and maybe finding an 11:30 snack. Ciao


The Ball Babies said...

Uh, about coming to Madrid to see you get cool but afraid it's not gonna happen. Sorry, dear daughter. Come to Boise and do it instead. (When the time is right that is!)

Sounds like you were down to the wire with that recommend! Yikes! Good think you can think on your feet - and run fast on them too...

Love you!

D said...

YES! I'm glad you're finally letting your underwear be shown to the world instead of always hiding in your closet