Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Fifty Seven

Today consisted of a lot of sun, sand, sea, and... sickness.
I hope I can make it through this post without falling asleep- I feel like I could sleep for two years minimum right now. You see, I didn't drink any water today, didn't eat hardly anything, and spent all day at the beach, soaking up the rays. Sounds good, right? Well, let's just say I usually am able to power through any kind of tiredness that comes my way, but this little spot of headache/bodyache/ tireness had me sleeping laying on the ground at the train stop tonight... which is kind of out of character for me? Oh well, it's been a fun day!
This morning I got up earlier than everyone else, so I headed out for some breakfast. Apple, banana, croissant has become my regimen over the last couple of days, and all under 2 euros. Yes, I can handle that! After eating, Britt, Dan, and I did a little shopping in Riomaggoire, and then we headed out for Monterosso to catch some rays.
The beach was hoppin' today- probably due to the fact that it was boiling hot and the clouds left us alone for the most part. We spent a good portion of the day swimming in the bay, sleeping on the sand, and Britt and I even rented a kayak for a little to do some exploring on the water. That was definitely the best part of the day! I've never been on open sea in such a little boat, and it was amazing. Once we figured out how to paddle, (left, right, left... yep, we're going in circles) we spent a good portion of the hour just laying in the boat, swaying with the waves, We saw a jellyfish, too! I've never seen one up close before, and let me just say we kind of went crazy and followed it for a good 2 or 3 minutes, trying to pick it up with our oars. Let me just say that I know why Spongebob is such an avid jellyfisher. It's addicting!
After boats the boys left us to go watch World Cup, but we just stayed out on the beach awhile longer, taking in all the Italians... and the surplus of Americans, I kind of feel like it's national Spring Break up in here because every other person is white and speaking very loud English. Oh, America! Every once in awhile you find a very good looking Italian, though... Brittany and I have an eye candy count that spans from France to Italy- we're at 21. Yep, only 21 good looking guys so far in all the country. Oh well, those 21 have all been extremely... bello.
Once we figured we were sunburned enough, we went to try to go find the guys at a bar, but there were just too many bars in Monterosso to search through. It is about this time that I started feeling really sick. We did our best to find the train station, and even though we had to wait almost an hour for a train to Riomaggiore, we finally made it back, had a crappy plate of cheap pasta, and then it was shower, and now bed. Public thank you to Brittany for not leaving me at the train station/ getting me home safe. She is a keeper! Arrivederci


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, my! You have the symptoms of either being dehydrated or the flu. Both of which are not fun while you're on vacation in Europe. Drink, drink, drink!!! Do they have something like Gatorade over there? Honey, please take care of yourself! You have a lot more to see and if you feel crappy it will not seem like a vacation. Take some ibuprofen if you can get some and for heaven's sake sleep and drink, daughter!

Love you!

Diana Cook said...

Awww I'm sorry you got sickish. Take care of yourself woman!! You've got to make it back in one piece. ha
Oh yeah and another story about Robert...he got stung by a jellyfish when we were at the beach in galveston texas one time. Sadly we didn't pee on his leg, we just put meat tenderizer on it.