Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day Fourty Six

Today we came home to Alcalá after a long weekend of play.
The higher the title numbers become, the more I begin to master the menacing front door, the greater conversation becomes with Pili the sadder I get to think that next week it'll be done. What a funny concept "home" is to a young adult of 19. Usually "home" connotes somewhere concrete- somewhere familiar, somewhere cozy. How loosely I've grown to use such a word! As of now, I feel just like a vagabond in limbo all the time. It's not a bad thing, and I've grown accustomed to change pretty well- it's just really funny! I've adapted to my Spain "home" quite nicely, and as time goes, I realize I would be happy as a clam staying here. However, I know I must return to my Utah "home", and maybe some day I'll get to go to my Boise "home", which seems more and more foreign to me as the days go, seeing as it's been a little shy of six months since I've seen Silverwood Place. But like they say in Spain: Es la vida! And I will return.
A lot of Saturday was eaten up by driving in a bus and trying to get comfortable and sleep on the rock hard seats only to wake up to find the seatbelt and armrests impaling me uncomfortably. I'm not so sad to know that the bus rides are now over :) We made pretty good time getting back from Salou though, only stopping once for lunch at some random truck stop/restaurant. We were supposed to stop again at some national park on our way back, but again, the rain ruined that for us. Meh, oh well. I got to get home, settled, and my laundry even got halfway done!
Saturday night Britt, Natalie, and I went to our ward's Spring Concert to listen to all the talent that is the Alcalá ward, and then we came home to a good night of Pili's cooking and lots of descanso (and lots of blogging... the more I think about it, the more I realize I don't sleep because I'm always writing! Oh, sacrifices :))
Speaking of sacrifice... I guess Barcelona wanted some kind of payment for all the good memories it gave me, because one of her hotel rooms definitely stole my favorite jacket AND my converter this weekend. Sigh. Oh well, small price to pay for such enjoyment. (But if anyone wants to run over to Urban Outfitters and pick me up a new white hoodie... well, be my guest!)

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The Ball Babies said...

Oh, in a way I wish you were homesick because it would make coming back to Utah something more to look forward to. I'm so glad you've adjusted to your short time in Spain. Glad you've been safe, enjoyed your "family", fallen in love with the country and it's customs, and hopefully learned something in school along the way. But, life goes on and school and work must be returned to!! We miss you and are glad you'll be home soon, even though it won't be your Boise home. :(

Love you tons.