Monday, August 30, 2010

welcome back

to the busiest time of you life. Gone are my work filled days with a little gym time on the side. And a free place to live. And money. On the flip side though, welcome to 4 new closets of clothes. It pays to have stylish friends... no back to school shopping for me! 
So far, day one hasn't been too awful. I woke up at a reasonable hour, worked at UVP til lunch, and then started the day off right with New Testament... but a little wrench was thrown into the system, and instead of Prof Stanley Johnson- the best and easiest Religion professor to date, we were greeted with new meat- a guy skinnier, younger, and with a new spin on grading. Good thing all of my roommates and I are going to endure it together. Friday night study parties, anyone?
My apartment complex... well, so far so good. It's got a party reputation, a million sophomores, and lots of RMs. hmmm. This shall be an adventure. 
That's the update. I've got to head to Spanish Literature. Sounds scary.

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The Ball Babies said...

Busy times are the best times! (haha) Good luck this semester. So jealous with all those new clothes...don't make enemies out of your roommates though - clothes can do it, just ask Jana Rae about our battles with clothing. Yeah, but that was soooo high school so you'll probably be just fine! Love ya!