Monday, January 17, 2011

i know the heart of life is good

John Mayer has made his way into my life lately. not complaining.
Naturally, January sucks. But, as I see it, every day passed is just one less day of winter. I like that. Winter is becoming more manageable.... but maybe that is simply because the last two days it's just been rain rain rain. Which I also like, seeing as it's been washing away a nasty inversion spell and my car in the process. Win win.
here are some of the good things life has packed lately:

pandora on my phone. Never will I have to endure another Kelly Clarkson hit per Utah FM thanks to internet radio and a three dollar ebay adapter. Kings of Leon radio. listen in!

this little baby that I like a lot. I haven't been around an infant in a looooooong time but little Evie Pugh is just the most precious thing I've ever laid eyes on. What a doll!

Sam is not going to die. For the past few months, my roommate has been a world of hurt with some serious gastrointestinal problems. But after many prayers and much patience the strongest girl I know got some answers and life is looking a little brighter for her! hallelujah

I took myself on a date to Rubio's Saturday between work shifts. There is something great about going alone to eat and getting yourself a burrito. And eating it like a heathen.

Intramural soccer started and my life was again complete and the void was filled. There was something so heartwarming to have old friends together, repping our jerseys and scoring goals in the name of Spain. Even if we lost... next time, next time.

I finally did the thing I always wanted. Sit at Borders all day long and just read. Let's just say after four hours my rear was sore, but I had more than made a dent in Mockingjay... and actually the whole trilogy has been completed. yessssss

and we can't forget the fort. it was much cooler in person.... but this will do
oh, and happy MLK day. My day was really great. I worked to get that money, grocery shopped, went to the gym and ran and watched food network, and then came home and cooked. It was fabulous.  Just the way a day of break should be spent. Tomorrow it's back to the grind... but I like it.

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The Ball Babies said...

Yes! A picture of the fort, little Evie, and part of your book! haha Great post-it sounds like MLK treated you well on Monday! :)