Wednesday, February 9, 2011

that one time my mom came to town

this weekend mom came to town for a little visit.
maybe it was just to get her hair done, maybe she just wanted to see the newest and cutest member of the family (not me) little baby evie, but nonetheless, since she came it meants we got to hang out a lot and it was great.
we went to the fabulous malawi's pizza and got delicious lasagna and pizza... and dessert.
and when we were done, we got another desert, because heck that is just how we do things.
and honestly. how could you pass this up? i dream about it in my sleep. in fact i better keep my keys hidden at night because i am getting afraid i might sleep drive right on over to the riverwoods one of these nights and get another.
we spent lots of time with the family just laughing and carrying on all weekend,complete with lots of cute baby cousins to hold and kiss. (& in my case make cry)
case and point.
we shopped, and shopped and shopped and i spend a lot of time trying to dodge the attempts of my lovely aunts to set me up with every waiter and Nordstrom shoe salseman in utah county. they are great, these women.
the weekend was complete with superbowl food and a baby blessing, cafe rio and lots of sugar.
it was fabulous. will you come back soon, mom?

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The Ball Babies said...

Oh, yeah, I'll be back - spring break to be exact! I had a great time and I'm so glad you took lots of pictures to document it since I didn't as much...

Still sad about that cute Nordstrom's shoe guy though. Drat! Maybe the Los Hermanos dude? Maybe?