Thursday, February 3, 2011

to hell with you, microbiology

2.5 hours in one seat during dinnertime in a basement listening to anecdotes about bacteria is THE WORST.
good thing i brought the laptop today. let much blogstalking and list making commence.
feat of the day: making corn tortilla chips at lunch. how? easy.
spray both sides of a tortilla with cooking spray, put that baby on the george foreman for 5 minutes, and VOILA eat it with the remants of your salsa in the fridge.
when you have no food you get creative.
i'm back on my facebook diet, if anyone wanted to know. once a day. (sometimes twice) let's just say seeing "the social network" made me think twice about getting my stalk on. (and on and on and on)
provo is freezing. and does anyone know if the groundhog saw his shadow? i can't get a straight answer from anyone/the internet and i am just really relying on p. phil for the good word.
i yearn for this. i might have been fat and flabby, but i was happy. ridiculously happy. ha sometimes i wonder if it even happened.
9 minutes left and i can go home. oooooooh yeah. and 24 hours til mom comes. :) yay


The Ball Babies said...

Are you glad I'm coming since I'll probably buy you some groceries, or are you just glad I'm coming? :) I'm just glad I'm coming. Hope I pack enough cold weather stuff...

The Ball Babies said...

Oh, and watch your language BYU coed... Maybe you should swear in Spanish next time then I won't know what you're saying. Love you, my little potty mouth.

Alyssa Ball said...

**clarification** hell is a place, and that is exactly where i would like microbiology to go

Britni Ward said...

walking to class in -20. chew that up a bit. I think Provo is tasting a bit better by now....? :)