Sunday, May 15, 2011

park city, ut

last thursday britni and i followed the usual daily summer regimen.

me- so do you work today?
britni- no. do you?
me- nope. let's go somewhere.
britni- i don't have any money.
me- i'll drive. we won't spend any!

our travels took us to park city.
we laid on the grass and ate our picnic of assorted vegetables and peanut butter and mystery jelly from the fridge while discussing our dislike of pets and how we will make our kids eat vegetables.
when we had gotten our vitamin d we went up to old town and walked all over main street. we gave fashion advice to old granola women in an overpriced consignment shop and ventured into the family history center where the sister missionary tried to persuade us both to go on missions. we were barked at by an old man quite literally and pretended we were rich by trying on things at a boutique that boasted "nothing over 100 bucks" upstairs in their bargain area.
185 bones for this fur? pocket change.
our trip was not complete without a little pit stop at the outlet malls where i found some steals at gap... guess the no money spent goal was out the window. oh well.

and then we headed out of town.
in the wrong direction. before long britni was getting a little leary of my navigational abilities, wondering why had she "hadn't seen that lake before" and exclaiming things like, "wow i feel like we're in another country!" when i started seeing "ogden 35 miles" and "cheyenne exit ahead" i second guessed myself too. a little help from my gps and my fears were validated. we promptly turned around, and i patted myself on the back for my stupidity.

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The Ball Babies said...

Haha! Too funny about your GPS skills! You could have gone to see Grandma Burleigh while you were half way to Evanston! Glad you had fun and got some great GAP deals. Jealous of GAP deals, by the way.