Sunday, July 24, 2011

this time change got me all messed up

1:40 am.
not tired. at all.
we made it safely back to ut from our adventures down to ca, and it was a great time! now that i'm back i am a little overwhelmed about what to write.... so expect many a california post, okay? i gained a couple of obsessions over the last seven days. let me tell you of them
1. the beach. i snapped this down at venice beach- those are my sisters running around (and most likely acting like weirdies making bird caw noises or something) but yeah, it was just so pretty. and so cold. but so pretty nonetheless.
 2. this shirt. so remember "honey i shrunk the audience" at disneyland? the 3d movie where mice run across your feet and stuff? well it is gone, sadly, but was replaced with something about tenfold better... a 20 year old 3d movie/dance directed by george lucas and starring the king himself, mj. it was so. weird.  and so strangely enjoyable. the best moment? when michael comes on screen and a little boy up a couple rows from me in the audience said rather loudly, "MOM IS THAT A GIRL OR A BOY?". awesome. anyways, i just had to pick up a shirt to commemorate the experience.
and my dad's face when i showed it to him. (or maybe that look had something to do with waiting in line at space mountain for 2 hours?)
 3. san diego temple. i've seen it in pictures, heard all the hoopla about it being the best, and well folks, i am now a believer. it's so big and white!
 4. trader joe's. TRADER JOE'S. after bugging my dad about a trillion times and sneaking it into the gps a time or two, i finally got my fix. oh, and did i mention that i kind of fell in love, too? cuz i did. i need that place here in utah. or idaho. i'm not picky- i would buy a jet just to fly there weekly or monthly or something just to stockpile their smashed s'mores and lentil chips. it's that good. this salad completed me.
 5. mission beach. falling asleep to crashing waves, navy seals running right out into the ocean, homeless guys checking out my mom, watching my fish sister master boogie boarding, getting sunburned in the most awkward ways (think sunglasses tan to the maximum)  it was just all so awesome. as i was falling asleep i was planning my next trip down there. get there!
and every post needs some not so awesome things to counteract the euphoria you may be experiencing, right?
the list of not awesome things:
1. seaworld and the zoo. as much as i dislike animals, i dislike it more when they are caged up in little spaces and look weirdly sedated. not my style. the dolphins were cool though- i'll give seaworld that. but real talk- don't even try to tell me this lackadaisical heap is a happy and healthy functioning gorilla.
2. hotels that don't have continental breakfast. if i become president of the us my first order of business is writing this into hotel legislature. there is nothing worse that smelling delicious smells coming from the lobby only to be stopped by a sign that says, "seat yourselves!" then "all you can eat breakfast- $11.95." joykill. i will go back upstairs and enjoy another bar. or cheerios. or peanut m&ms. (okay so maybe these were just our treats from disneyland... but some mornings breakfast looked pretty dang similar)
3. eating it hard on a morning run. yeah, i may have taken a tumble and gotten a nasty cut up elbow in disneyland. my arm was sore for like 2 days. oh well, when you're running in a place like this, it's a small price to pay.
4. mean parents. honestly i saw some of the most biznachy moms at disneyland. your kid is at the happiest place on earth! play your part and stop yelling! my parents were definitely not those kind. (thanks, parents... and hi that's my finger)
5. comic book conventions killing my dreams of experiencing downtown sd. alright, i hesitated putting this one on here because it was kind of awesome to see flocks of nerds running around in capes all over downtown. okay, really awesome.
yep it was a great trip. loved spending some time with my family and breaking away from my usual life! good times, let's do it again soon. hasta luego, ca.


Diana Cook said...

Hahahahhaha, this post made me laugh, i loved it.
PS Can't believe you hated on seaworld haha

The Ball Babies said...

I love this. Think I'll just link it to my blog and call our vacation report good...