Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fast times in the mile high city.

i feel like the title above is a little misleading... or sounds like the sequel to night at the's 6:30 am, so let's just go with it. with the way this weeks schedule looks, i figure blog now or it might be brushed aside and become the red headed step child of memories. 

first off, i just have to say that i love colorado. it's pretty! it's clean! people wear their workout garb all day and there are ample places to park a bike. there are running trails less than 100 meters from my aunt's front door. there's public transportation and a cafe rio. really, i think a combination of these things are the only necessities to life. 

on saturday, britni and i boarded a jet at million air airport. in provo, utah. no, we are not high rollers, but leaving from an airport proclaiming "million air" and having to walk outside on the tarmac to board the plane made us feel pretty fly. (and in need of some aviators)
oh, skymall... i need this.

 my aunt aly collected us from the airport and we went on a fieldtrip to krispy kreme on the way home. 

we then embarked on to highlands ranch, co, where my family lives, and proceeded to spend the day stuffing ourselves with chips and salsa for lunch, shopping around for hours, and having a repentance dinner of salad at cpk. oh, and i started getting a cold, how lame is that? i always get sick on trips, and that is a fact.

 sunday we hung out and went to church, watched the baby, and went to my aunt's house where a lot of good eating ensued, followed by a lot of laughing and pinterest. it's safe to say we've converted my aunt.
i kind of think this is exactly how a 17 month old lives life.
 monday i went trail running. it was so great, like i said above, there are many paths and trails that all connect in the area my family lives, so i was able to go crazy, with a little help from my gps. (what did people do before technology?!)
 later monday britni and i rode the light rail to real denver and proceeded to  chew that city up and spit it back out in a good 8 hours time.
 we went to the "taste of colorado" fest and got free eats and watched cooking demos.
we rented bikes and rode all over the city
we spent a couple hours inside of the coolest bookstore of our lives
we had the best ice cream ever. ever. little man's chocolate coconut, you are something else.
we had sub par food at a crappy parisian cafe. 
we met black rappers who wanted us to be in their music video... and wanted pictures with us, after ordering us to "putcha shades on!" oh, and told us to look for them on mtv. done deal.
we did touristy things like ask people on bikes to take pictures of us in front of rando buildings.
we tried to go see boyz to men... but decided against fighting the crowds.
all in all, it was a great day in the city, minus the fact that everything was closed for labor day.
tuesday morning i went on another run on these remarkable trails i just can't stop talking about. all the runners i passed were all smiley and wave-y. sometimes they would try to talk to me, but i had my headphones in so i just pretended i understood and gave them a little laugh. i still wonder what they all said to me.
 back at the fort my aunt made us award winning smoothies. mental note, get a vitamix.
later, we took a field trip out to my uncle's work and stopped at the red rocks amphitheatre, which is breathtaking, by the way.
 we found out zac brown band had been playing all weekend, and we were sad to have missed it, seeing as britni's cousin is in the band, and we could have scored some great tickets. boo. maybe if we had gone the red rocks would have collapsed on us? yeah we'll just go with that.
you can't hear it, but he's saying CHEEEEEEESE

later, we ate at a mexican restaurant and more chips and salsa ensued. then it was back to the airport and onto a smallish plane to finish our travels. we landed safely in provo and patted ourselves on the back for a trip well done.

 all in all, this weekend taught me a couple things. colorado is beautiful. i have a wonderful family who are great hosts/tour guides. when you have a cold and there is already pressure in your head, the descent on an airplane is pretty painful.  i am going to suffer this week for being irresponsible and not going to school.
i hardly care because my trip was completely worth it.
colorado and family there, thank you. you're wonderful.


Diana Cook said...

Ahhhhh Alyssa, sounds like an AMAZING trip!! I love your spontaneity. And I love those black rappers ...i'm gonna be SO jeal when they make it big one day :)

Kelsey Ann Thompson said...

1) I want that sweatshirt for my birthday. Don't let me forget to add it to my wishlist. hahaha
2) Love Million Air and was totally going to do a blog post about it but looks like you covered it all :)
3) I missed you while you were gone... don't leave again this weekend?

The Ball Babies said...

I am in love with those rappers, er, I mean, Aly's kids!!! They are so adorable!!! I hope you kissed them all fo me.

Aly G said...

Oh Alyssa what a cute post! So glad you guys could come and visit us! It was great seeing you and kids keep asking when you are coming back. I still laugh in my head everytime I think Bryton asking if "Alyssa" is allowed on an air plane all by herself with out her mom and dad! Love it! So glad you LoVeD Colorado! I love it too. My door is open any any any time for you! XoXo!! Kids say HI!:) Hope you are feeling better by the way! :)

Melissa Cole said...

OH. MY. ALF:OEWINLSKDWDW! Is that Yung Humma???????? please tell me it is. Did he try to smang you?