Thursday, September 1, 2011

september first

summer's over. i wore a cardigan. if cardigans don't say autumn and typical byu girl student, i don't know what does.
you see that pucker between my buttons? it's been causing problems. it keeps popping open and surprising all the people i come into contact with. what can i say? i'm just so darn busty. (joke)

but really, i am sad to see summer go.
i'm happy for fall, though! bring on the pumpkin, boots, and trendy cardigans.
oh, and i just have to share this.

it's probably violating laws for me to post such a picture, so don't tell.
this lady, a former co-worker called th other day to make this burn appointment. anyway, evidentially while playing relief society president/mortician she picked up the curling iron by the wrong end and burned all her fingers.
i laughed and laughed and laughed. i hope you do, too.

now i am going to try to find a safety pin for this shirt/teach myself chemistry. it's a tie between which task will be most difficult.


The Ball Babies said...

Hopefully I will never have to play the part of mortician!!! YIKES!!! Totally funny, too!

Aly G said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like a joke! That is for reals? Are you sure? LoL!! Love the Gaposis that you talk on a big button!;) P.S. Thanks for teaching me about Pinterest!