Tuesday, November 1, 2011

good feeling 1

welcome, november!! 
last year i made it a point to post the things i was thankful for on a pretty regular basis during this great month. this year will probably be no different. 
to me, november just ushers in a sense of "good feeling".... and that is the only way i can describe it. 
for the next thirty days, expect to see a lot of posts centering on the things i am most thankful for and that, for me, evoke that good feeling i am talking about- you know, the little things that make life great. i encourage you to do the same. 
day one- outside.
if i've said it once, i've said it one thousand times. i am a lover of nature, especially in the fall. having a break from studies has opened my eyes to the everyday changes and beauty of the world and has given me a chance to experience what is in my own backyard. it might sound cliche, but for seasons and changes i am truly grateful.

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