Friday, December 23, 2011

honey i'm home

getting here was quite the debacle, but i am proud to report that I AM HOME and i just must say that i stink at airports and flight in general. i won't go into it too much, but let's just say i only arrived at the airport 30 minutes before my flight, barely caught the luggage lady attaching a tag labeled PHX instead of BOI to my 6 lb overweight suitcase, and nearly lost both my driver's license and my mind through the process. those places turn me into a BASKETCASE.

anyways, i got home nice and safe to a city free of both snow and cares. yay. what did i do to celebrate my boise? ate a load of chex mix and set out on a 21 mile run with diana. feel free to re-read that last sentence, but you aren't dyslexic and that wasn't a typo. a couple weeks ago she told me about her harebrained scheme to run 21 miles on her 21st birthday, and for some sick reason i agreed... and so that is why i found myself running for 3 hours, 49 minutes, and 48 seconds yesterday.

 as sick as it sounds, it really wasn't that bad... things actually went pretty well until mile 17. that's when my legs started screaming and life started to suck. before that, it was actually kind of fun! the greenbelt is wonderful and i am jealous of all the people that get to take advantage of it's sheer greatness on the daily! anyway, what a way to celebrate, eh? i figure for all that, i am now exempt from working out for the rest of christmas break.... and not because i want to be, but because right now i can hardly walk.

will somebody please rub my feet?

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