Thursday, December 8, 2011

there is some tension in the air.

can you feel it?
even though i am not participating in school, i can still feel the death grip that finals week has on my provo people. can i say i'm glad i'm not one of them?
can i say that my biggest worry today was that the biscotti that i was making would crumble and fall apart?
that i wouldn't make it to cycling on time?
that i'd lost the mail key? (found in a coat pocket in the trunk of my car... don't ask how that happened...)
how about that i might be developing an addiction for this jar of crack? street name: biscoff spread.

 i think this was actually my only feasible worry. it's delicious. it's peanut butter and gingersnap's love child.

and all i know is that if this is the worst of my problems, my life is pretty good. and i need to remember this when i have to go back to school in less than one month.  meh
ps i go home in two weeks. yaaaaaaaaaay

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Sarah Ann said...

Peanut butter and gingersnaps? Oh my gosh. While my thighs will hate me later, am I ever glad I found your blog, if only just to make this discovery! :)

I followed over here from Nat the Fat Rat. I love finding new blogs, so I'll be back to read some more for sure. If you want to come say hi, I blog over at reverie..