Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the lorenzo's challege.

school starts tomorrow! i can't hardly believe it. somebody hand me a paper bag!
i'm blogging from the airport... my plane decided to take a nap in spokane or something, so we get to chill here til it comes. meh.

can i just talk for one moment about how much i like my boise friends? on the real. they are the best... mostly because we only congregate around food, and today a mere lunch date turned into us meeting at a shady-ish pizza place called lorenzo's and deciding to complete our own "challenge"- the lorenzo's challenge! you know, like eating the big jud's one pounder, but a heckuva lot different and excluding all meat.

 challenge: finish your piece of pizza.
challenge accepted and completed.
since we were more or less putting this plan into motion, we brought our own pictures to start lorenzo's very own wall of champions.

the owner was confused. we pulled out our scotch tape, scoped out a good wall spot, stuck those bad boys smack dab in the middle of it all (yep, that is definitely me at junior prom) and left. from the parking lot, we watched the owner go over to our table, check out our pictures, and just walk away. we fully expected here to rip them down and come running out the front door shaking her fists, but i think she dug the idea.

you're welcome, lorenzo's. we have started a revolution. so here is my spiel about lorenzo's- hit it up! it's delicious and the lady that owns it is nice and friendly and calls you by name... plus they have ice cream cones with names like "blue goo". sadly, i didn't indulge... but that doesn't mean skyler didn't. if for nothing else, go check and see if our pictures are still there! ... or better yet, take the challenge and add your own.

back to provo for the win!

**update. flight now delayed until 8. a five hour delay? my life rocks.


Melissa Cole said...

boooooo lunch date discrimination

Diana Cook said...

Hahah LOVE IT. I will be sure to check it out on the 10th and see if our pictures are still there (fingers crossed!)
And sorry about your five hour delay! I would have picked you up had I known.