Thursday, January 12, 2012

i've been more or less MIA

this post is going to be short because, well, it's basically either slap something up on the internet this morning or comb your hair for work and i can't seem to find a brush. it's fine, life is still good.
i forgot about the inner student inside of me. the one who likes to learn and takes notes but forgets to bring anything to write with to aforementioned classes on the daily. the jerk who sits at the left handed desk and makes everybody else squeeze on by me down the row if they want to sit somewhere in my proximity. sorry! we lefties are bad news.

school life is good. draining. mostly pretty enlightening and i am happy to be back. my major is cool. in environmental health yesterday we spent 2.5 hours discussing food borne illnesses and can i just say that all that talk about crypto and e.coli is enough to make you go veg? wash your hands, people. oh, and don't eat at subway if you aren't feeling like chancing it.

take a look at my AMARYLLIS! can you even believe it? it's beautiful! and about two feet tall! i have never in my life had a green thumb.... does a freeze-dried plant you just have to add water to count as being gardener-ish? i sure hope so because this thing is kind of my pride and joy. i speak of it as it is my child in daily conversation oh you should come over and see how big my amaryllis is...  would you like to see a picture of my amaryllis? it just doesn't stop. i am thinking about putting some 3x5s in my wallet.

yesterday was kourtni's birthday. she is now 17. seventeen! birthday shout out to her. i love you, kourtni! girl's got a good smize, no?

speaking of love, last night for friend dinner i made this... and the heavens parted and the cherubs sang and spoonfed me. it was wonderful. i suggest this meal. i can hardly wait to eat the leftovers on my way to school from work today. tables? i never sit at them.

alright, been at this too long. looks like we won't be combing the hair or flossing this morning. it's aight! have a wonderful day.


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friend dinner eh?
Give your ol' friend a call and tell me allllllll about it :)